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First thing to know about Sapa

First thing to know about Sapa08:07:48 | 01-04-2020

Sapa town of Lao Cai province in the Northeast region of Viet Nam, the town covers an area of ,8681km2, with a population about 81,800 people.

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Tips for transporting vehicles in Sa Pa09:32:06 | 03-04-2020


If you are very interested in travelling by train from Ha Noi to Sa Pa, you can book the ticket before on internet or with any agency, but now it’s very easy when you buy the ticket direct at the train station with the best price. It takes you abou 8hours on the train and 1 hour with the bus from Lao Cai train station to Sa Pa, you can sleep well on the train and always ready for all day to visite Sa Pa. Price: $12,9 - $26/person

Sleeping bus

It’s wel with tourist who need a quick transport to Sa Pa, because it take only 5 hours on the bus from Ha Noi to Sa Pa directly. But sometimes you will arrive Sa Pa in very early in the morning (about 2 to 4am), so you should book for any accommodation and you can be sure that you can check in at that time or you can continue to sleep on the bus with any bus company. Price: $11/person

Private Car/ Taxi

It’s one of an easy way for tourist who don’t want to walk too much, but you can see some wonderful destination in Sa Pa like, Silver waterfall, Ton pass, Love waterfall; Taphin village; Huong hoa valley; Ancient Stones…  with the same price for the private car or taxi here. You can contact with you accommodation before of you can contact to driver directly on the street, but remember to talk about the price before decide to use any service here. Because of steep and winding road so normaly it’s more expensive than other provinces. 

Moto bike

This is the best choice for young people or tourists who are very interested in discover the different destinations by themselves with a special feeling. You shoul do it with the nice weather, because it’s very dangerous if you drive in the mist or rain. You can rent the moto bike in any shop on the street or you hotel. Price: $3,5 - $6,5/day


This option for tourists are very interested in doing in some slow way to visite some village of local people in Sa Pa. But you shoud choose to do it in nice weather. You can book the bycicle tour before with any agency to have the best and safe bycicle. Price: $6/day

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Long History Of Tarraced Rice Fields In Sapa

Long History Of Tarraced Rice Fields In Sapa03:26:45 | 30-03-2020

Terraced fields in Sa Pa, Lao Cai date back hundreds of years and they are all made by the talented, industrious, hard-working hands of upland farmers one after the other. The best terraced fields are Ha Nhi, then Dao, H'mong, Giay, Tay ... people all year round living on the slopes of Hoang Lien Son high mountains.

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The best time to travel Sapa

The best time to travel Sapa08:58:48 | 01-04-2020

Sapa, one of the most attractive points in Vietnam travelling map, is such as a tourism paradise for visitors. Sapa not only is beauty with rolling hills, terraced fields but also has the extremely typical nation’s cultural identity. But here is a question that is troubling any visitor who get here first time: What the most beautiful season to travel in Sapa?

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Muong Hoa Cultural Park, Sapa - The largest real estate project in Sa Pa

Muong Hoa Cultural Park, Sapa - The largest real estate project in Sa Pa08:49:52 | 01-04-2020

Nowaday, Sa Pa is the momentum of strong development with many big buildingprojects, to meet the demand of entertainment of domestic and foreign tourists. Muong Hoa Cultural Park is expected to go into operation in 2020 as one of the largest real estate projects in Sapa.

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