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First thing to know about Sapa

First thing to know about Sapa02:29:37 | 23-08-2017

Sapa district of Lao Cai province in the Northeast region of Viet Nam, the district covers an area of 677km2, with a population about 60.000 people.

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The best time to travel Sapa

The best time to travel Sapa11:00:12 | 15-11-2016

Sapa, one of the most attractive points in Vietnam travelling map, is such as a tourism paradise for visitors. Sapa not only is beauty with rolling hills, terraced fields but also has the extremely typical nation’s cultural identity. But here is a question that is troubling any visitor who get here first time: What the most beautiful season to travel in Sapa?

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Muong Hoa Cultural Park, Sapa - The largest real estate project in Sa Pa

Muong Hoa Cultural Park, Sapa - The largest real estate project in Sa Pa02:45:59 | 10-07-2019

Nowaday, Sa Pa is the momentum of strong development with many big buildingprojects, to meet the demand of entertainment of domestic and foreign tourists. Muong Hoa Cultural Park is expected to go into operation in 2020 as one of the largest real estate projects in Sapa.

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Long History Of Tarraced Rice Fields In Sapa

Long History Of Tarraced Rice Fields In Sapa06:27:52 | 22-11-2019

Terraced fields in Sa Pa, Lao Cai date back hundreds of years and they are all made by the talented, industrious, hard-working hands of upland farmers one after the other. The best terraced fields are Ha Nhi, then Dao, H'mong, Giay, Tay ... people all year round living on the slopes of Hoang Lien Son high mountains.

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A little history

A little history02:47:38 | 23-08-2017

In the 19th century, the Lao Cai area served as fighting ground for various armed groups, among which the famous Black Pavilions and White Pavilions. These gangs of plunderers had taken refuge in the mountains of Vietnam after the Taiping rebellion in China. Their main purpose was to control the shipping trade on the Red River. Sea salt from Vietnam, opium from the Yunnan province, new rice, fabrics, manufactured goods were to be their primary objectives. Between 1850 and 1886, the town of Lao Cai was taken, destroyed and fortified several times by different groups.

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