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Hmong Sister Bar08:38:39 | 12-12-2016 | Directory: Bar, Càfé & Karaoké

In Sapa, Hmong Sister is one of the beautiful bars at night, has animated space for effervescent people. The attraction can be expressed by lound music, voice and laugh everywhere when the guests open the wooden door to enter.

Hmong Sister bar has rather small area but are decorated enough to feel satisfied. This is the colored ancient wooden furniture under yellow lights or billiard tables are arranged near the dart game. Hmong Sister also arrange high chairs according to modern style in the bar stall side.

Cosy space inside Hmong Sister Bar

A small point helps the bar become more attractive with tourists is plentiful and creative drink. You can find the new type of cocktail with unforgettable taste of the mountain while you drink. Hmong Sister Bar locate in 31 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa town.
Phone number: 020.3873370

Nguyen Thu Thuy - TIPC Lao Cai

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