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The most delicious and quality coffee shop in Sapa08:14:36 | 09-07-2020 | Directory: Bar, Càfé & Karaoké

The unique feature that makes this cafe popular with many travelers is that it is built on a mountain top, surrounded by a small white fence with a beautiful view of the cloudy sea.

1. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven Sapa Camp Site: is a beautiful small complex including hostel, camping, and super nice cafe & pub. Located in Vong Canh hill, which is considered the soul of Cat Cat village, here you can zoom the panoramic view of Sapa at any corner or you can even "see the market" In front of you, surrounded by majestic mountains, identical messages.

If you come here in September, you can also see the golden terraced fields stacked up on top of each other to create the scenery that anyone who has been looking at will want to come back here.

And if you come to The Haven then surely you can not help but have virtual pictures here, every corner in The Haven gives you excellent pictures. In addition, the tables and chairs here look quite old to wear colorful "shirts" is an endless source of inspiration for the photos of visitors.

Address: Vong Canh Hill, Cat Cat Village, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Price: 60,000 ~ 100,000 VND.

Photo: The Haven Sapa Camp Site café

2. Viettrekking Home Sapa

Referring to the beautiful view cafe, you can "touch the clouds" and with a name that could not be more unique than the "end house" in Sapa, it is impossible not to mention Viettrekking Home Sapa.

The unique feature that makes this cafe popular with many travelers is that it is built on a mountain top, surrounded by a small white fence with a beautiful view of the cloudy sea.

What is more wonderful when the afternoon came to just sip a cup of coffee, chatting with friends while watching the sunset is wonderful is not it! When coming to VietTrekking, you will hardly be able to resist the beauty of this beautiful landscape, where you will have extremely sefile photos.

Address: Hoang Lien Str, Sapa Town, Lao Cai.

Price: about 100,000 ~ 300,000 VND

3. Gem Valley Coffee

As one of the top cafes in Sapa, Gem Valley Coffee is not worthy of its beauty. With an artistic design: the whole restaurant is covered with vines that look very "massive", which looks very cool. In the house with rustic, simple and simple furniture and colorful pictures are many young people choosing to live virtual.

Gem Valley has a long wooden balcony on high with super nice view, adorned by colorful flowers and clouds in the heart of the valley. This is also the most popular check-in point for young people. Visiting Gem Valley, you can not only drop into the sea of clouds floating in the sunset or early in the morning, but when the rice season ripens in the golden sunshine like pouring honey, the giant granary of Cat Cat village is like carpeting. The gold in the valley certainly made the heart flutter. Looking far away, is the Fansipan mountain range that anyone coming to Sapa wants to conquer.

Address: Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Price: 20,000 ~ 80,000 VND.

4. Fansipan Terrace

Not fussy, luxurious like other cafes, Fansipan Terrace is easy to remind with his simple decoration with a railing is a series of flower pots to make visitors feel comfortable. feeling airy and quiet but no less romantic.

View of the restaurant overlooking the terraces, cloudy, mountains, with swings, is a place for visitors to unleash "selfie".

Address: Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Price: 30,000 ~ 70,000 VND.

Photo: Nice view cafe at sapa fansipan terace cafe

5. La Dao Spa & Coffee House

Coming to Sapa without visiting Ta Van village is really regretful for you. With the scenery, nature, the people here bring you an atmosphere, a strange feeling of peace, making you want to be forever attached to it. And La Dao Spa & Coffee House is also an ideal cafe for you to live virtual and hunt clouds.

With its ideal location, La Dao Spa & Coffee House is one of the most beautiful cafes in Sapa visited by many visitors. With the extremely airy, cool, pleasant fresh air, here you sit down and watch the clouds drifting gently in the blue sky with the sound of gurgling flowing in the ears and reaching out. visibility away with rows of golden terraces as pouring honey. All the time like standing still, slowing down in front of the natural scenery here.

Address: Ta Van Village, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Price: 30,000 ~ 70,000 VND.

Photo: La Dao Spa in Ta Van village

6. Cafe in the Clouds

True to its name, "Cafe in the Cloud" is a cloud cafe located in the top of the beautiful view cafe in Sapa located on Fansipan Street. The attraction that attracts visitors by Cafe In The Clouds is that it owns beautiful space and extremely expensive sky view.

Opening up before your eyes is a wonderful space with coiled mountains, hidden in the clouds. Here, the "virtual living" believers will have unbelievable photos with extremely beautiful natural scenery.

Address: 58 Fansipan Str, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Price: 50,000 ~ 200,000 VND.


                                                                                                                            Photos and written by Do Hoa

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