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The unique culture of Black Ha Nhi people in Y Ty, Bat Xat

The unique culture of Black Ha Nhi people in Y Ty, Bat Xat00:04:57 | 14-12-2018


Y Ty - a paradise of clouds, of the peaceful village in the misty fog, hidden and unhide with special magnificent terraced rice fields. And especially, this place also preserves the unique culture of Black Ha Nhi people, one of the ethnic minorities in the ethnic communities of Vietnam. Have you ever been to Y Ty to discover its unique culture? If not yet, let's explore and experience it with Lao Cai Tourism.

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Simacai: Wild and charming

Simacai: Wild and charming02:56:41 | 02-08-2016

Simacai is a border district of Laocai province, about 100 km from Laocai City to the northeast. It is situated on the Chay River. Simacai is an abbreviated name of the word “Sín Mã Cái”, meaning new horse market. Located at 1600 meters above sea level, the air is cool and fresh as in Sapa. But this place is so wild, charming and idyllic.

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Mysteries of Hoang A Tuong palace

Mysteries of Hoang A Tuong palace09:02:14 | 09-07-2019

Hoang A Tuong Palace was built in 1914 and completed in 1921. It has been nearly a century since Hoang A Tuong palace was completed. Through  many historical events, the palace has been tinted with ancient colors, along with many mysterious stories related to the house.

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Bat Xat Tourism

Bat Xat Tourism02:17:38 | 04-10-2019

If saying that Bat Xat tourism is developed thanks to wonderful natural landscape, cool and fresh climate is not enough, because of the most attractive part of this land is the people here with the cultural features Unique and unique indigenous people make a difference with other lands. 

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Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority

Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority08:54:14 | 05-12-2016

The most important ceremony of a Dao ethnic man in his life is an identity level ceremony or called the mature rites. This ceremony is to report to the ancestors and the supreme beings of the family. 

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