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Bac Ha Temple

Bac Ha Temple09:19:34 | 21-05-2020

Bac Ha is a moutainous district of Lao Cai province, is located in the Northest, from Bac Ha to Lao Cai city is about 70km. Nature given to Bac Ha a fresh climate, cool and spectacular. In the struggle history of national construction and defence, Bac Ha is a sacred land. It has imprinted many glorious victories of many heroes but that tradition has been immortalized history at Bac Ha temple.

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Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority

Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority08:54:14 | 05-12-2016

The most important ceremony of a Dao ethnic man in his life is an identity level ceremony or called the mature rites. This ceremony is to report to the ancestors and the supreme beings of the family. 

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Rattan Bridge in Sapa

Rattan Bridge in Sapa10:27:07 | 13-04-2020

“Sapa- Silver water fall- Rattan bridge” The first sentence of any visitor when coming to Sapa. Rattan bridge seems to be the most important place to visit tin Sapa because of its specialization, it’s aperfect creation of local people who live along Muong Hoa valley, about 17km away from center of Sapa town to the Southeast.

Photo: Collected - Rattan bridge in Ta Van village

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History of Hoang A Tuong palace

History of Hoang A Tuong palace01:46:28 | 29-05-2020

Hoang A Tuong Palace was built in 1914 and completed in 1921. It has been nearly a century since Hoang A Tuong palace was completed. Through  many historical events, the palace has been tinted with ancient colors, along with many mysterious stories related to the house.

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“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong09:23:41 | 21-05-2020

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Wife kidnapping” is called wife robbing in some places and named “Hai pu” in Hmong language.

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