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Simacai: Wild and charming

Simacai: Wild and charming06:56:42 | 14-04-2020

Simacai is a border district of Laocai province, about 100 km from Laocai City to the north-east. It is situated on the Chay River. Simacai is an abbreviated name of the word “Sín Mã Cái” meaning new horse market. Located at 1600 meters above sea level, the air is cool and fresh as in Sapa. But this place is so wild, charming and idyllic.

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Mystery of Hoang A Tuong family

Mystery of Hoang A Tuong family01:36:27 | 29-05-2020

Every time Bac Ha White Plateau is mentioned, people will think of white flowers of Tam Hoa plum but that is not all that Bac Ha is famous for. This town is famous for the plum blossom but who can forget the ancient European architecture in the middle of the town. This mansion has been standing for centuries with its durable European architecture that gives it its ancient features. This building is what they refer to as the Hoang A Tuong palace, also called " the King of Mong ethnic" palace.

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Bacha is much more different than a half century ago

Bacha is much more different than a half century ago07:39:41 | 10-08-2016

Back in time of over half a century ago, Bac Ha was very different in the years 1940 - 1950. In the middle of the wild mountainous scenery was untouched villages with mud-walled cottage, opposition to it was the imposing, majestic Hoang A Tuong Palace and solidly soldiers fort of French. These rare photographs of this period, which have currently be displayed at the Hoang A Tuong Palace.

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Unique culture at the highland markets in Lao Cai

Unique culture at the highland markets in Lao Cai07:10:08 | 31-03-2020

Market from the past until now has been the convergence of all elements of ethnic culture. If you want to learn a piece of land, the fastest and best way is to go to the market. In the mountainous area, that element is more evident than ever.

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Musical instruments of H'Mong people

Musical instruments of H'Mong people08:39:17 | 04-08-2016

The rich and diverse traditional culture of Ethnic groups in SaPa are welcoming tourists to come here for learning and exploring...

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