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Bat Xat Tourism

Bat Xat Tourism07:33:30 | 01-06-2020

If saying that Bat Xat tourism is developed thanks to wonderful natural landscape, cool and fresh climate is not enough, because of the most attractive part of this land is the people here with the cultural features Unique and unique indigenous people make a difference with other lands. 

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Vibrant atmosphere of the festival down the field in Ta Van during these first days of lunar new year “Mau Tuat”

Vibrant atmosphere of the festival down the field in Ta Van during these first days of lunar new year “Mau Tuat”01:11:44 | 28-03-2018

Vibrant atmosphere of the festival down the field in Ta Van during these first days of lunar new year “Mau Tuat”

On the 14th of the first month of Mau Tuat, the festival down the field of the communes: Ta Van, Hau Thao, Su Pan is bustling in sunny weather in the spacious terraced fields of Muong Hoa valley. In the past decade, perhaps this year the festival has attracted the most people and tourists.

Mr. Vu Hung Dung – Chairman of People’s Committee of Sa Pa, Mrs. Hau Tuyet Lan - Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Sa Pa District, Mr. Nguyen Duy Thinh - Deputy Director of Hoang Lien National Park and leaders of Ta Van Commune , Mau Thao, Su Pan and Ban Khoang, together with the people of Sa Pa district and tourists.

The festival down the field, also known as Roong Pooc festival of the Giay people, is a spring festival to end a leisure month in the new year, at the same time opening a year of labor, a new season. This is also the worship ceremony to pray for the spirit of good for corn, good harvests, growing livestock, peaceful villages, healthy people.

This kind of festival is a type of community cultural activities that are spiritual and mysterious, expressing folk songs from the art of language such as worshiping songs, folk songs praising life. The art of performing folk art includes paper fan dance, dance, etc. Music and performing arts Attract folk like throwing, dragging, stilting, spinning ... associated with spiritual life of Giay commune, Sa Pa district in particular and Giay Lao Cai community in general. These types of culture are associated with the life of agricultural farmers, with a system of beliefs: traditional, polytheism, worship of the sun .... Living and working activities of Giay people in Ta Van for hundreds of years should be historical and humane.

This year festival also attracts the participation of displaying local products of the schools in 3 communes, and at the same time to serve the needs of eating and drinking for visitors and tourists, Giay people also Sell items such as lucky eggs, fruits, sticky rice, barbecue ... the traditional dishes of the local.

In the warm and dry air, the crowds are crowded with colorful festivities, but the highlight of the festival is the sparkling indigo blossom of the Mong youth.

Many people and tourists participate in the festival

Local goddess worship in the festival

To meet the needs of tourists, many people also sell some items such as fruit, barbecue

The opening of the festival is opened with special performances

any young Mong people eagerly participate in the festival, and take advantage of the conversation, confide in each other



Cap Sac Ceremony Of Red Dao Ethnic Minority In Ta Phin Village

Cap Sac Ceremony Of Red Dao Ethnic Minority In Ta Phin Village00:24:36 | 29-05-2020

There is belief of red Dao ethnic minority that an old man in the village who has not experienced Cap Sac ceremony, seems to be  infantile because he is not royal ranked man, even young one, is considered to be mature and can participate in important works of  village. Help sorcerer or worship. It’s a high educational ceremony via guiding to good behaviors, avoid evil ones.

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Evocation ceremony of Giay ethnic

Evocation ceremony of Giay ethnic09:54:48 | 19-06-2017

According to the customs of Giay ethnic, evocation ceremony is the way to express responsibility and care each other of relatives in the family. For descendants, this is the opportunity to express respect grandparents and parents.

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Pha Long market on every Saturday morning (Muong Khuong district)

Pha Long market on every Saturday morning (Muong Khuong district)06:27:49 | 14-04-2020

There is a fair market located 100km from Sapa to the north-east. It was such an unexplored gem with facile climate, spectacular natural scenery and friendly local people. And I will tell you about the Pha Long fair market

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