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Pan-pipes of Hmong people

Pan-pipes of Hmong people08:51:17 | 05-12-2016

A pan-pipes is a specific musical instrument which associates to many in the spiritual activities of the Mong ethnic minority. The pan-pipes’s structure consists of these parts: 

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The Tay’s house

The Tay’s house08:18:17 | 05-12-2016

Tay has three types of house: stilt house, house with soil foundation and stilt house having the first floor with soil foundation of which the stilt house is the most popular and traditional style. 

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“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong01:27:59 | 07-12-2016

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Wife kidnapping” is called wife robbing in some places and named “Hai pu” in Hmong language.

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Muong Hum Cultural Market

Muong Hum Cultural Market08:12:40 | 05-12-2016

Muong Hum is a communal center of the Northwest highlands of Bat Xat District, this is considered the capital of economic exchanges, the culture of Hmong, Dao, Giay, Ha Nhi …ethnic minorities, where the market was taken place on Sunday every week. The market has become the indispensable cultural activities in the local people’s life here.

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Long Tong Festival Of Tay Ethnic Minirity In Ban Ho village

Long Tong Festival Of Tay Ethnic Minirity In Ban Ho village02:47:55 | 03-11-2016

Long Tong festival is usually called “ going to the field” is one of the most importance festival in a year of Tay ethnic minority which consist of most typical culture features of Tay, Nung groups. The festival is held on the beginning of January (Luanar calender), lasting until the beginning of February (Lunar calender). This is the belief activity showing a wish of good weather. Plant,crop and life

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