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Cap Sac Ceremony Of Red Dao Ethnic Minority In Ta Phin Village01:34:48 | 10-07-2017 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

There is belief of red Dao ethnic minority that an old man in the village who has not experienced Cap Sac ceremony, seems to be  infantile because he is not royal ranked man, even young one, is considered to be mature and can participate in important works of  village. Help sorcerer or worship. It’s a high educational ceremony via guiding to good behaviors, avoid evil ones.

Cap Sac ceremony is uaually held in November, December or January (Lunar calendar) every year because of leisure time. The day of implementation is chosen very carefully. Red Dao group often hold  Cap Sac ceremony for 12 to 30 ages, or even old. They can hold the festival for maximum 13 people at head of family’s house. The ranked one must keep off singing, arguing, sleeping with others.

Before celebration, the sorcerers worships the ancestors first who will support and protect them. At place where the ceremony is celebrated, there hanging a portrait of the  Jade Emperor and other gods of red Dao minority, altar of anestors of the ranked ones and other gods. After the ritual they will lecture, swear and rank ritual. At the end, the sorcerers worship to thank the ancstors and gods.

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