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Gau Tao Festival at San Sa Ho commune (Sapa district)09:00:38 | 21-05-2020 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

San Sa Ho is a commune of Sapa district, Lao Cai Province. Most of the people who live here is belong to the H’mong ethnic group. If you travel to Sapa in this spring, you can not missing Gau Tao Festival at Sa Sa Ho commune – one of the biggest festival of H’mong ethnic group.

Gau Tao festival in San Sa Ho commune is held annually. This year, San Sa Ho commune and Lao Chai commune are co-organizer that traditional ceremony at San Sa Ho on the early morning of 19th Febuary. This traditional ceremony of H’mong ethnic group is to thank Gods and Earth Mother, to pray for a good weather of the new year, a good harvest and a prosperous life. The main actions of Gau Tao festival are Holy Communion, Celebration, cultural performances, dancing, singing,…

Gau Tao festival at San Sa Ho commune. (Photo by Kim Anh and Manh Tuong)

First, to start the festival, the shaman conducts traditional rituals prayed lucky for everybody. He is a respected man who people trust. He always on behalf of the villagers to do the rituals. Tet pole is made of a tall and straight bamboo. At the top, they made a long line strips drop down with the meaning is connects people with the Gods.

“Khèn” dancing performances at festival. (Photo by Kim Anh and Manh Tuong)

After the worship, there are festival sesion with entertainment activities of H’mong people such as dance with pan-pipe, singing, dancing, jumping with stalls. Anyone who can participate in this entertainment show, are all invited to drink a fragrant cup of wine.

Game “pole climbing” and get reward is favoured by children. (Photo by Kim Anh and Manh Tuong)

Game “Teeter” attracts many visitors and people to take part in. (Photo by Kim Anh and Manh Tuong)

Gau Tao festival is one of the major festivals, associated with the spiritual life of H’mong ethnic group in Lao Cai, especially San Sa Ho. Come here and join with us in the lively atmosphere and the rustic mountain spring festival there!

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