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Musical instruments of H'Mong people08:39:17 | 04-08-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

The rich and diverse traditional culture of Ethnic groups in SaPa are welcoming tourists to come here for learning and exploring...

H’mong boys are using at least one of these traditional music instruments such as: Hmong flute, bullhorn, lip guitar, erhu or trumpet, long ago, music has deep penetration in the blood stream of H’mong.

Bullhorn: the beautiful bullhorn, with the best sound is produced only from the skiful and experienced worker. Its sound is of bass and treble like up to the moutain, down to the abyss, like echoes of the mountain forest. The bullhorn is coordinated with a drum are indispensable in the funeral, but bullhorn dance is still used in the dailly life of the community.

Leave trumpet: This is a unique instrument of Hmong, only a leaf and insert into their mouth to get folk songs of Hmong people to confess to his partner in next far hill.

Erhu: made of bamboo tube, it rod is made of Fokienia wood, its surface is made of bamboo and with this instrument, there are many beautiful girls of the village fell in love with the guy who created the Hmong music from it.

Lip guitar: Made of copper leaf with plectrum, when playing, they slide slightly on it, light blowing steam through the plectrum, the palate as the sound box, guitar sound becomes deeps like the mood of its player.

H’mong flute: Unlike conventional flutes, Mong flute is blown through a copper bar, so in flute sound have a sounding of the trumpet more and more attractive. Many of this flute is enhanced by its artist and obtained many success at home and abroad. Hmong flute is used by the boy for confessing.

H’mong owns many good and deep folk song which widely used in daily life by people. the rhythm, the melody of these folk songs have been developed into the immortal songs such as: “A Phu Couple”, “Northwest Love Song” many musicians.       


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