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The unique culture of Black Ha Nhi people in Y Ty, Bat Xat09:02:49 | 13-04-2020 | Directory: Culture & Heritage


Y Ty - a paradise of clouds, of the peaceful village in the misty fog, hidden and unhide with special magnificent terraced rice fields. And especially, this place also preserves the unique culture of Black Ha Nhi people, one of the ethnic minorities in the ethnic communities of Vietnam. Have you ever been to Y Ty to discover its unique culture? If not yet, let's explore and experience it with Lao Cai Tourism.

When arriving to Y Ty, you will be brought to a lot of new feeling and impressions, the first thing you will certainly be surprised and excited is the houses with walls and thatched roofs covered with moss of the Ha Nhi people. The walls are made of thick earth, the sloping short roofs are covered with grass but it is very firm, giving a feeling of warmth in winter and cool in summer. View from the above, these houses resemble giant mushrooms on the side of the mountain, hidden in the mist.


In addition to the unique architecture of the houses, in the friendly, hospitality atmosphere, you will be attracted by the charm and meticulousness on the traditional costumes of Ha Nhi women. The most distinctive feature of women's clothing perhaps the wig and the head scarf, the wig is made of wool to form a large bundle that keeps the head warm in inclement weather all year round. In the view of the black Ha Nhi people, hair, clothing are very important. it shows the beauty of the woman, taking care of the wig also shows the woman's clever hand in the work, as well as their good health, luck.

Following the journey of discovery with Lao Cai Tourism, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself in the special festivals bearing cultural and religious significance of the black Ha Nhi people in Y Ty. Including the worship of forest god Ma Ga, the worship of water god, Kho Gia Gia festival, etc. The forest worship of “Ga Ma Do” was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016, it is celebrated on the Dragon day of annual lunar January. This is a very important ritual, to pray for peace, a new year of conveniently rain, wind, bumper harvests. Along with forest worship, Kho Gia Gia festival is one of the great festivals in the year of Ha Nhi people, which is celebrated from the Dragon day to the Monkey day of the first week or the second week of June (lunar calendar) to pray for a bumper harvest, showing solidarity, mutual support.

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Stepping out of these special festivals to discover the natural scenery there, you will definitely be overwhelmed with the beautiful, special magnificent terraced fields. Terraced fields are typical type of cultivation of the ethnic groups in Bat Xat highland area, in which the black Ha Nhi people with their experience and creativity has created spectacular, winding terraced fields.

At the end of the day when your legs are tired, come back to the house to enjoy the flavor of Ha Nhi beer and typical dishes of highland area and to rest here to feel relaxed, peace to strange. And wake up tomorrow to continue the journey of hunting clouds, explore Y Ty, etc. See you one day when you will return to Y Ty where is rich in tourism resources and hospitality to keep going your journey of discovery.


                                                                                                            Translator by Thanh Tuan

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