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Heaven on earth through the lens of four seasons06:45:20 | 27-04-2020 | Directory: DO & DO NOT

If anyone had the opportunity to set foot on this majestic land – Sa Pa they would be exited with the beauty of the terraced rice fields, the snow-covered the roads, or brightly peach petals bright spring colors.

Located at an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level, Sa Pa has characterized temperate and subtropical. In here, one day has all four seasons: Morning is the spring weather, at noon is summer weather, afternoon dew drops make sense like in autumn and the night is the cold of winter. Both domestic and foreign tourist often call Sa Pa with the name sounds really poetic "City in the mist" by the shimmering beauty, charm, loomed in haze.

White snow covering...

Typically, visitors go to Sa Pa in the summer, but if you're a fan of the cold, the winter in Sa Pa is ideal. The winter is really cold in Sa Pa, sometimes the temperature is below 0°C, ice, snow white twigs, grass. Being in Sa Pa in the frost days, tourists perceive as living inside the European land, with magnificent views.

"Sapa Paradise flowers" in the cold spring day

As count as "paradise flower" of the Northwest, Sa Pa is known for varieties faded peach.

Peach blossom, pear flowers, plum flowers are blooming brilliant all over the forest that make Sapa as lovely as the beautiful young girl, full stretch vitality ...

Sa Pa in grain splendid season

Despite the rainy mist, snow or wind days pass, behind moss stone fence, the garden peach, plum, pear still tingle textile tranquil spring in foothills of Fansipan, creating a "Sapa paradise flower" in untouched clouds.

From September to November, or from March to May, the weather is quite stable in Sapa with dry sunny day, cold night. Coming to Sa Pa around April - May, you can easily catch sight of ethnic minority engross inside the terraced fields. Specifically, also in this period, the most interesting scene is transplanting rice of ethnic minority in colorful outfits ...

Yellow ladder on top ...

From September to November, this is the time for yellow ripened rice, meanwhile, the earth and the sky are magnificent, majestic as the "jacket" on his new shirt color - yellow shiny. This is also a time when many tourists come to visit Sa Pa.


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