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A pan-pipes of Mong people

A pan-pipes of Mong people00:05:26 | 06-11-2018

If anyone has ever visited the villages of the H’Mong people, it will be hard to forget the passionate and fierce of the pan-pipe running through the streams, pervading in the clouds with the trees and flowers, resounding around the forest that create a loving song.

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BLACK H’MONG MINORITY IN SAPA01:54:26 | 10-04-2019

          Sapa is a beautiful land not only because of the landscape but also by the convergence of many ethnic groups living together. Arriving here, visitors will be able to enjoy all the colorful dresses of Black Hmong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is a difference in costumes, lifestyles, customs, farming methods ..., with distinct, rich and mysterious cultural identities.

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Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha

Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha08:46:48 | 05-12-2016

Bac Ha is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, is located in the Northeast, included 14 ethnic groups' re living together in 20 communes and a town. Included ethnic groups such as: H’mong ethnic, Dao ethnic, Tay ethnic, Nung ethnic, La Chi ethnic, Phu La ethnic…Derived from different historical conditions, different life circumstances of each  ethnic so they have own  cultural costumes.

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The ethnic communities in Sapa08:40:00 | 05-12-2016

The ethnic communities in Sapa  

There are six ethnic groups living together in Sapa district with total population of 52,899 (according to the population census 1st june 2009). In particular, the Hmong are 27,324 (51,65%) the Dao 12,189 (23,04%) the Kinh 9472 (17,95) the Tày 2507 (4,745) the Giay 720 (1,36%) the Phu La (Xa Pho) 563 (1,06%). The Hmong are divided into three main groups :

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Xa Pho Ethnic Minority In Sapa.

Xa Pho Ethnic Minority In Sapa.03:55:55 | 01-04-2020

Xa pho ethnic minotity came to Viet Nam 200 – 300 years ago. They have about 1.000 people in Lao Cai, concentrate in Sapa and Van Ban dictrict. In Sapa they live mainly in Nam Sai village where far from Sapa town about 35km.

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