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Traditional costume of red Dao people in Sapa

Traditional costume of red Dao people in Sapa09:05:24 | 13-04-2020

The traditional costume of red Dao people is very special prominent in Hoang Lien mountain by brilliant red headgear. Especially the natural colors from many kind of trees in the forest, between the green of the Hoang Lien mountain, you can see girls in the traditional costumes of red Dao people look like the beautiful flowers in the forest. Besides the brilliant red color of girls is the black and blue color of indigo on the cotumes of boys. Red and indigo’s color mingles with the green of the mountains to create a unique painting.

To create the shimmering picture for the special of red Dao people, it takes along time to make a coplete close. From a white duffle need to dyed  carefully several times to have a special color of indigo. On the dark blue we can embroider the pattern as you like. they use the natural color from many kind of tree in the forest.

A complete costume of Red Dao women includes: shirt, trousers, belt, plastron, hat with jewelries as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. In  the festival, people will wear the brand new costume with a new sandal. It make a perfect picture in Hoang Lien mountain.

Especially there are many special symbolic patterns on the costume of red Dao people such as birds; tiger eyes; footprints of dogs, cat, locusts, horse, and bird; the sun; trees;... Red Dao woman seems to bring the breath of the jungle in their costumes by the rich imagination combine with diligence perseverance in every stitch to make a complete costume.

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Highlights on the women's costumes are brilliant red of headgear which look like a special hat. It seems brilliant flowers in the forest between black and blue of indigo. Red colour of the headgear bring the warmth and the forest and also reflect the hopeness and wishes for a beautiful life of Red Dao people. the costume of the man is more simple than the woman's, the main color is black and blue of indigo and there aren't too much pattern but the color of indigo bring the power and the energy of the man in the family.

With their tradition, a girl have been teached by their mother how to make a costume for themselves and their family when she was a child. With the patience, diligence and skillful, woman looks like a beautiful flower in Hoang Lien mountain.

To Uyen


The beauty on costumes of Xa Pho’s Women in Sapa

The beauty on costumes of Xa Pho’s Women in Sapa01:16:26 | 24-04-2020

Xa Pho ethnic is the smallest group in Sapa,  They live partially in  Nam Sai commune. Xa Pho women always make costumes for themselves and othe members in their family. Xa Pho women's costume includes: scarf, shirt, skirt and belt. All of them  are skillful handmade with the natural materials of mountains in Sapa.

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The woman's traditional costume of  Xa Pho people is made from cotton fabric, dyed by indigo  and embroidered with colored thread and beads  which are planted in each Xa Pho’s family. The shirt is stitched across the fabric between the back and chest, look like a pullovers with the collar is carved out of a square, shoulde are connected at the sleeve. The pattern on the shirt is divided into two distinct parts: From the neck to the bottom of the chest is thinly embroidered with colored thread and the male attaches 4 white beaded lines along the vertical image. The hem of the shirt is decorated with straight parallel lines made of colorful threads of hot color that stand out on the dark blue fabric of Cham. The lower part of the body is embroidered with thick squares, triangles and symmetrical fillings. The sleeves are made entirely of indigo-dyed cotton and dotted with simple embroidery on the wrists with the dominant red tone.The women's skirts of Xa Pho are sewn with small waistband, skirt body assembled from two pieces of indigo-dyed cotton and decorated with elaborate patterns along the length of the skirt. The pattern near the waist is embroidered with elongated rhombus, alternating with brightly colored embroidery, the motifs are mainly pine trees in succession, below are water waves or serrated shapes, fillings and triangles. The outfit is more harmonious and attractive in the connection between the skirt and the shirt with a belt made of white fabric with multi-colored fringes at the end.

In 2014, the art of decorating patterns on Xa Pho’s costumes was recognized as one of the four national intangible heritages of Lao Cai province. This is the pride and challenge of the Xa Pho people in preserving and promoting their traditional culture.

To Uyen

Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha

Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha08:27:36 | 10-04-2020

Bac Ha is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, is located in the Northeast, included 14 ethnic groups' re living together in 20 communes and a town. Included ethnic groups such as: H’mong ethnic, Dao ethnic, Tay ethnic, Nung ethnic, La Chi ethnic, Phu La ethnic…Derived from different historical conditions, different life circumstances of each  ethnic so they have own  cultural costumes.

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Red Dao ethnic

Red Dao ethnic04:03:02 | 13-04-2020

Dao people were present in Vietnam in the thirteenth century, they prefer  to live in separate villages where is only the same ethnicity. Their ancestor is Ban Vuong, Red Dao ethnic is one of 12 families of Dao people. The population of the Red Dao people in Sa Pa now is 13,700 people. Dao people preserved many customs and practices such as: Ceremony of “Dancing” to welcome their ancestors for their holiday. Ceremony of “Making citizenship” to confirm the man is mature. Ceremony of “Cap Sac” to ordainment for the shaman…

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Mong Ethnic

Mong Ethnic08:40:23 | 14-05-2020

Mong people was present in Viet Nam in the early Eighteen century, they live d together in villages , communes on upstream of the streams in craggy alpine areas, strongly dissected topography, steep, difficult for travel. It’s microclimate is favorable for animal, poultry farming and growing fruit trees such as peaches, plums, pears, cat apples… Particularly here is suitable for the plant to be raw materials for producing fabric, they are flax, indigo plants which it’s seeds are taken by people to grow.

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