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Giay ethnic group

Giay ethnic group04:35:12 | 13-04-2020

Giay people in Sapa are nearly a thousand people concentrated mainly along the Muong Hoa valley. They prefer to build their big vilages in the fertile lands along streams broad and relatively flat. Their home has 3 spaces, wooden walls, soil ground. The nave is place of a great altar for their ancestors and gods.

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The Tay people in Sapa

The Tay people in Sapa04:06:20 | 13-04-2020

Tay people who live in Sa Pa around 2,900 people, concentrated in three communes: Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, Nam Sai.

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Xa Pho Ethnic Minority In Sapa.

Xa Pho Ethnic Minority In Sapa.03:55:55 | 01-04-2020

Xa pho ethnic minotity came to Viet Nam 200 – 300 years ago. They have about 1.000 people in Lao Cai, concentrate in Sapa and Van Ban dictrict. In Sapa they live mainly in Nam Sai village where far from Sapa town about 35km.

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Village of ethnics in Sa Pa

Village of ethnics in Sa Pa03:42:46 | 13-04-2020

If you pay attention, you can remotely identify the village of people here:

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