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Giay ethnic group03:56:01 | 02-08-2016 | Directory: Ethnic Groups

Giay people inSaPahas nearly a thousand people are concentrated mainly along the Muong Hoa valley. They prefer to build their big vilages in the fertile lands along streams broad and relatively flat. Their home has 3 spaces, wooden walls, soil ground. The nave is place of a great altar for their ancestors and gods.

Marriage practices of Giay people are quite specaial, from the bride’s home to her husband’s home in bride ceremony, she is not allowed to touch her feet on the groud, so the groom’s family road, and transport mean are quite convenient now so after the bus approached the groom, they just carry the bride and put she on the front sheet, then four corners of the sheet will be kept to raise and  caryry she into her wedding room. Three days later, she will be allowed to out of that room.

Giay people is good at trading , preparing dishes such as: Sticky rice with five colors, Day cake, crumb cake, especially “Khau nhuc” dish which made from bacon, sauerkraut and other spices marinated in own way thus it is verry tasty, you will never forget it once enjoying.


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