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Dao people were present in Vietnam in the thirteenth century, they prefer  to live in separate villages where is only the same ethnicity. Their ancestor is Ban Vuong, Red Dao ethnic is one of 12 families of Dao people. The population of the Red Dao people in Sa Pa now is 13,700 people. Dao people preserved many customs and practices such as: Ceremony of “Dancing” to welcome their ancestors for their holiday. Ceremony of “Making citizenship” to confirm the man is mature. Ceremony of “Cap Sac” to ordainment for the shaman…

In the community, shamans are the most important role, they are trusted by people. The shamans who are at the highest level, have had 12 lights. Nom – Dao word is used by Dao people in the ritual texts.

Boys and girls commonly meet each other at weekly market but their marriage is still  mostly arranged by their parents. The poor guy can not afford to get married, can be in – law at his wife but he has to change his last name to his wife’s last name.

House of Dao people is quite wide. Ancestral altar is always put in the hugh and solemn place in the middle room. Kitchen near the door is the place for living and cooking, stove inside near water sources for livestock, cooking wine and water for shower. It can be taken a year to complete an outfit for girls because large segments of it’s embroidery, a lot of details and patterns. Especially its dark side after processing will be its right side while using. This is a typical of Dao people.

The headgear of Dao girls is cleverly folded from many meters of flag red fabric, with the red bolls, colored beads and white silver rattles which paus a chime when moving. Dao women are taught by their mother with many medicines, especially the barthroom medicines by trees, leaves for women after childbirth, colds, flu, sore bones…very valuable to be studied and preseved. 

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