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The ethnic communities in Sapa08:40:00 | 05-12-2016 | Directory: Ethnic Groups

The ethnic communities in Sapa  

There are six ethnic groups living together in Sapa district with total population of 52,899 (according to the population census 1st june 2009). In particular, the Hmong are 27,324 (51,65%) the Dao 12,189 (23,04%) the Kinh 9472 (17,95) the Tày 2507 (4,745) the Giay 720 (1,36%) the Phu La (Xa Pho) 563 (1,06%). The Hmong are divided into three main groups :

Lenh Hmong, black Hmong and Do Hmong who live mainly in the villages of Sapả, Hau Thao, San Xa Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Giang Phinh. The Red Dao live in communes as Ban Khoang, Ban Phung, Thanh Kim; Ta Phin, Nam Cang. The Tày focus in Ban Ho,Thanh Phu,NamSai. The Giay are only in Ta Van and the Phu La (Xa Pho) in Nam Sai. The Kinh live mainly in Sapa town and in the center of some communes. There is also a number of other ethnic people as Thai, Hoa… Sapa ethnic communities live together in

solidarity and maintain their own identity of each group on customes, traditions and also keep intact the traditional culturegenerations by generations.

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