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The Tay people in Sapa04:06:20 | 13-04-2020 | Directory: Ethnic Groups

Tay people who live in Sa Pa around 2,900 people, concentrated in three communes: Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, Nam Sai.

 Tay ethnic lives in large wooden stilt houses traditionally, crawlspace is for cattle, poultry living in the past, today it is a place to welcome tourists, it is also upgraded to affordable guest house in many famillies, the cattle is placed in a separate cages, the crawlspace became an ideal site for drind tea, welcome the tourists...

The same other peoples, their altar for their ancestors is in nave, other places within house is blank and covered for sleepping which made from cotton mop to sleep.

Tay women dress with a shirt of four pieces, long skirt, black or indigo, “Mo Qua” scarve is made of wool with bright colors. The hip bags made of brocade self – production are usually handmade embroidered with floral motifs so it is widely favored.

 Visit Tay village at festivals or Tet holiday (lunar new year holiday), tourists will be immersed into the vibrant, smooth spead dance, pulsating guitar sound, enjoyed special aroma of Muong Bo sticky, and have the opportunity to learn sincerity, hospitality heart of Tay people.

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