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Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha08:27:36 | 10-04-2020 | Directory: Ethnic Groups

Bac Ha is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, is located in the Northeast, included 14 ethnic groups' re living together in 20 communes and a town. Included ethnic groups such as: H’mong ethnic, Dao ethnic, Tay ethnic, Nung ethnic, La Chi ethnic, Phu La ethnic…Derived from different historical conditions, different life circumstances of each  ethnic so they have own  cultural costumes.

Flower H'mong has the largest population in the community of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha. This is a ethnic community having a featured cultural traditions , notably decorative arts on the brocade costumes for women. The brocade costumes of H'mong girl are colorful, ingenious patterns and make an impression.

Traditional costumes of flower H’mong in Bac Ha

The women of Dao ethnic are very seriously about costume. To design beautiful costumes in which must have five basic colors, but mostly red color.

 Traditional Costumes of Dao ethnic  in Bac Ha

The costumes of Tay ethnic are simple indigo blue, characteristic reflected in the patterns on their fabric and silver jewelry.

Traditional Costumes of Tay ethnic  in Bac Ha

The costumes of Nung Din ethnic made by  indigo fabrics, overrall they have purple colored, costume is very harmonious. Background is purple colored and have more lines and patterns stylized by silver metal.

Traditional costumes of Nung Din ethnic  in Bac Ha

The costumes of ethnic groups in Bac Ha is the own beauty of people here, and cultural values contribute to adorn the beauty of the whole nation.

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