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Village of ethnics in Sa Pa02:30:39 | 02-08-2016 | Directory: Ethnic Groups

If you attention, you can remotely identify the village of people here:

          Hmong villages are usully set up in areas with altitudes aboves 1,500 meters, lower house, nail columns, with 2 roofs and 2 porches, the soofs were made of Fokienia wood in the past, today most roofs werereplaced with cement tiles. From house to house easy, so you will remotely find house close to one another in the Hmong village.

           If you find the village is lie within forest or a large forest behind the village, with quite large houses of 2 roofs, no porch, surely that’s Dao Do village, because clean water is very important to them, the first thing they need to keep that is a forest behind their village.

          Giay village qre usually set up in large areas and relatively flat in the valley, with a large stream, lower house with two sizeable roofs.

          Tay people is also chose the same position as Giay people, but it is still house, its roofs are close to each other, marking a crowded village. The village wijth houses of half ground and half floor, certainly it is Xa Pho village.

         Each ethnic group in SaPa owns its own cultural identity, with a different life and style, but the private practices are always respected by them, unite and help each other in a common comunity.


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