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 Lao Cai is a mountainous province in the North of Viet Nam, natural area 6,364.03 km2

Lao Cai is a mountainous province in the North of Viet Nam, natural area 6,364.03 km2, geographic position is as follow:

- In the North, it's bounded with Van Nam province, China. North Point 22051' latitude North, belong to Pha Long commune, Muong Khuong district.

- In the South, it shares the border with Yen Bai province. South Point 21051' latitude North, belong to Nam Tha commune, Van Ban district.

- In the East, it shares the border with Ha Giang province. East Point 104038' longitude East, belong to Viet Tien commune, Bao Yen district.

- In the West, it shares the border with Lai Chau province. West Point 103031' longitude East, belong to Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district.

Milestones No 92, where th Red river going into Viet Nam

+ Average height of district:

- Lao Cai city: 100 m

- Bat Xat district: 100 m

- Muong Khuong district: 1.000 m

- Si Ma Cai district: 1.200 m

- Bac Ha district: 1.200 m

- Bao Thang district: 100 m

- Bao Yen district: 100 m

- Sa Pa town: 1.600 m

- Van Ban district: 200 m

+ High mountains:

- Phan Xi Phang mount: 3,143m

- Lang Lung mount: 2.913 m

- Ta Giang Phinh mount: 2.850 m

+ Rivers passed province:

- Red river, 120 kilometres length;

- Chay river, 124 kilometres length;

- Nhu river, 68 kilometres length.

Lao Than peak, one of the highest mountain in Lao Cai province

+ Essential mineral:

- Fe mineral in Lao Cai city, Van Ban district, Bao Yen district; - Kao lan, Fen-spat, Grafit, Apatit in Lao Cai city;

- Cu mineral in Bat Xat district;

- Molybdenum in Sa Pa district.

+ Particular geography, climate (devided into 2 regions)

Snow fall in the winter

- In high area (above 700m), shaped by 2 ranges mountains (Hoang Lien Son and Con Voi), terrain slope from 150m to 200m. Lao Cai province has 7 sorts and 12 types of climate vatality and 43 microclimate slices. There are 3 vatality belts and 2 seasons: The dry season is from October to March of the following year. The rain season is from April to September. Average temperature is from 150C to 200C, average rainfall is from 1.800 mm to 2.000 mm.

- In low area, the average temperature is from 230C to 290C, average rainfall is from 1.400 mm to 1.700 mm.


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