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Sa Pa cloud hunting experience05:11:20 | 27-06-2020 | Directory: First time in Sapa

It would be a pity if you missed the opportunity to hunt Sa Pa in the summer
this. Because this is the best time to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sea of fantasy clouds Northwest. Please note some Sa Pa cloud hunting experience!

 What to bring when clouds hunting?
- Sneakers: Of course then the tour needs to move a lot with steep terrain like Sapa, a really necessary them.
- Camera, phone, battery ...: Such essential items certainly need not explain the reason, right?
- Cardigan, umbrella, sunscreen: Sa Pa weather is cool year around and the nighttime temperature will be lower, so a cardigan in summer is not redundant!
  The best time for clouds hunting:
If you come to Sapa and encounter the fog but it is still bright, do not be sad. That's when you are "hunted clouds", you are standing where the cloud is stuck. So your job is just moving to higher places to hunt clouds.

So the best time to hunt clouds is when Sapa has just experienced a heavy rain and the weather forecast tomorrow is a sunny day, quickly schedule go to Sapa to hunt cloud with friends and family now!

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