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The attractions in Sapa for families with children01:41:23 | 25-06-2020 | Directory: First time in Sapa

Sa Pa is a tourist site with strengths in natural landscape, customs and impressive cultural features of local people. Therefore, not only adults want to come to Sapa, children also want to come here, they will also find interesting places for themselves to discover.

Traveling is not only about sightseeing and enjoying, coming to a new land is also a valuable opportunity for you to learn about cultural, people, nature ... Especially for the young people who are familiar with the life in the city. Many families wonder where children should travel with them to Sa Pa, where should they take their children in Sa Pa to let them explore freely on a trip? Here are some suggestions:

1. Sapa Museum

In the center of the foggy town is the 6000m2 wide campus of the Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center. Going through a building was built in the French period called "Sa Pa Tourist House", a multi-purpose building modeled from a traditional house of the Mong people, you will see the Sapa Museum hidden in the middle of the green pine forest, in a spacious space. It can be said that is an extremely interesting place for children, because when they come to the museum, they will learn about the very unique and attractive cultural features of the local people. From the history of formation and development of Sa Pa town, ethnic groups, architecture, music and how the Red Dao celebrated their weddings, how to build a wall of Ha Nhi house ... All are "encapsulated" in a small house but very interesting museum. Sa Pa Museum will make your trip beside relaxing and enjoying the beautiful landscapes, also adds to the understanding of them a lot of useful knowledge. Especially, the space of the garden and flowers around the Tourist House is an interesting and safe playground for children.

Weaving at Sa Pa museum

2. Ham Rong park

Ham Rong Park is located right behind the Sa Pa stone church, very suitable for children to visit and explore. This place is goof for children to experience health and a place to experience interesting things. Besides the lovely flower gardens very colorful, rocky mountains like a miniature "Stone Forest Park", Ham Rong Mountain Park also has a 12-animal statue garden that is very attractive to tourists. The pictures of cats, mice, monkeys, horses ... funny and lovely makes the kids extremely excited, and will definitely require parents to take pictures for themselves with this place. Please note that due to the steep climb, families need to take care of their babies and only for children over 6 years old!

3. Amusement park in Thanh Cong Supermarket

The amusement park in Thanh Cong Supermarket has just come into operation but has attracted a large number of children to play after hard working hours, because there is a large and airy amusement park on the 3rd floor. The supermarket is located right in the center of town, so it is very convenient for parents to take their children to Sapa without any activities at night. Quite a lot of fun and exciting games such as racing, ferris wheel, ball house, statues ... are arranged logically, helping children have a comfortable and safe play space.

4. Experience in the village

Traveling to the villages is also one of the activities that the children are very excited about. Coming to Cat Cat, Lao Chai or Ta Van villages, the children are immersed in the majestic nature, see the white foam waterfall, and touch the rice flowers. This will be a valuable experience for children, especially for children from the city. In addition, if you choose to stay at homestay, your children can experience the life of the mountainous people, eating, sleeping with local family, and do with them a number of jobs such as picking vegetables, cooking, or reaping rice, playing folk games, witnessing it with your own eyes and sharing it with your peers. These things will enrich their hearts, help them love their homeland and the country and understand the value of labor.

Minorities children in the village

Hopefully some of the locations suggested above will help parents to have moments of relaxation, while the children with their young, curious hearts will be waving and experiencing in Sapa. peaceful and many new and interesting things for children./.


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