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The first Information for tourists in Sapa – Lao Cai09:28:10 | 02-04-2020 | Directory: First time in Sapa

Some general information about Sa Pa

-Total population in Lao Cai Province : 730.420people (2019)

-Total population in Sapa: 81.857 people (statistic in 2020)

-Total population of ethnic groups in Sapa: Mong 53%; Dao: 17%; Giay 13%; Tay 7%; Xa Pho

-There are 5 minoritis in Sapaa: black Mong; Dao; Tay; Giay and Xa Pho

-Total homestay in Lao Cai province: about 340 homestays

-Villages and homestays in Sapa: There are about 174 homestays in villages such as: Ta Van; Giang Ta Chai; Lao Chai; Su Pan; Ban Ho; Ta Phin; Lao Chai; Hau Thao; Ban Khoang; Ta Giang Phinh, Thanh Kim, Thanh Phu

The most popular villages with many tourist: Lao Chai; Ta Van; Ban Ho; Ta Phin.

-The purpose of checkpoint/entrance fee: Improving the life of the local villages: building new schools; new hospitals and there are many projects to increase minority’s awareness.

-The record: we would like to know the main information of guest who come to Lao Cai for the purpose of analysing and developing the service. For example:  the name, age, nationality, pasport number…

- How does government create job for the ethnic minority? 

We have a special policy for the minorities in Viet Nam: they will receive benefit from the government when they go to school. Especially, their bennefit will be increase when they can go to university. They no need to pay any school fees.

- How does the homestay owner apply for the homestay license? What's the process? 

The government has to go to the villages and helps them to do everything for homestay license.

For example: We open classes to teach them how to make the best service: clean the house, clean the bathroom, organise the place for WC, the ketchen and the place of their family…. Then we open examinations for them (we check the quality every month)

- Is there a community head for each village? Who manages or governs the village? 

There is a Head for each village, and they belong to the government. We have good service management system and database management system of our government.


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