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Tips when traveling Sapa in the seasons of the year08:03:31 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: First time in Sapa

Sa Pa, the famous destination for many tourists. Here is some tips for all of you who want to traveling to Sa Pa.


 The weather on spring in Sapa often has an ideal temperature range from 12 to 18 ° C, from February to early of May. Visitors will admire the vast beauty of the flower forests. Plums, peach blossoms show off, and feel the spring flavors in each of the nursery and the bustling life of the people. With fresh air is very cool, tourist should prepare jacket or shawls and scarves to use in the night or going any where with the motorbike. Don’t forget to bring one more rain coat or umbrella, because of rain suddently anytime.

Summer: It usually starts from late of May to early August every year. There is no severe sunshine like in the plain or coastal provinces in Sapa in the Summer. Daytime temperatures are around 20-25 ° C, lower night temperatures with 13 - 15 ° C. Therefore, if you want to avoid the hot and hot weather in the summer, you can come to Sapa to relax and enjoy the style and wonderful climate here but don’t forget to bring more thin coat to keep warm when you walk around the town in the night. Summer is rainy season with sudden rains anytime, so always remember to bring the rain coat or umbrellar. In this time is the moment of transplanting season so you will have chance to enjoy your trip with local people in the terraced rice fields with beautiful color of Green.

In Sa Pa have some good places for swim in the Summer;Photo by Thanh Tuan

Autumn: The most beautiful time of arrival in Sapa in the year is probably autumn from the end of August to November. The fall of Sapa is cool and fresh, the air is dry and moderate. In particular, this is a golden ripe season on terraced fields with the beautiful yeallow of harvest.

Winter: Arriving in Sapa from December to January of the next year, visitors must be able to withstand the typical cold of high mountainous areas. This season, Sapa is often clouded, temperatures sometimes below 0 ° C.


You should prepare warm clothes in the Winter, Photo by Thanh Tuan

However, if you want to see snow or ice, you can go to Fansipan peak by walk or easier with cable car from December to March. Wlinter in Sapa is dry season, so it’s well with climbing to the mountain. Don’t forget to bring more warm clothes and shoes to have the best vacation in Sapa in this time.

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