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Lao Cai will welcome nearly 700 delegates attending the tourism promotion investment and development Conference08:25:57 | 16-11-2016 | Directory: Investment Policies

With the aim of introducing the potential and advantages of investment in Lao Cai province to effectively attract domestic and foreign investors to invest in the province; promote and develop tourism in the province, connecting the province's tourism activities with associations, tourism businesses, tour operators in both domestic and foreign regions, there will happen in Lao Cai the tourism promotion investment and development Conference in Lao Cai province on the May 8, 2016 at the provincial Convention Center (Lao Cai).

Lao Cai is expected to welcome nearly 700 delegates attended the conference. Beside the representatives of the province comprising the provincial Standing Committee, People's Council, People's Committee; Member of Provincial Standing Committee; leaders of departments and agencies under the Provincial People's Committee; DPC leaders, city; representatives of large business, corporations, large corporations and business being operating in the province; Business associations, young entrepreneurs Association of Lao Cai, present typical entreprises of Lao Cai; all FDI in the province, Provincial Tourism Association. Especially there are also the participation of Heads of Government, the Central Government and ministries; Delegates of the provinces and cities; Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV); International guests (18 embassies, 22 international organizations, associations, 61 FDI enterprises in Vietnam); Experts, speakers; Business guests and investors; Vietnam Tourism Association, Hotel Association of Vietnam; Typical businesses and tourism associations of the provinces and cities; Experts, scholars, the media agency.

The conference is expected to take place in one day. After the end of the conference delegates will come to visit, study and work in the province of thematic tourism with PPC (divided into 03 groups) are: Group 1 visits Sa Pa town; Group 2 visits border economic zones and Tang Loong Industrial Zone; Group 3 works with PPC on tourism development.

At the sidelines of the conference space will showcase booths promoting tourism, typical products of Lao Cai at the conference include: Gallery master plan for tourism development in Lao Cai; Economic development schemes Lao Cai tourism and attractive investment projects development in Lao Cai province; Documents, publications, presentations, clip tourism etc ...; Demonstration of the production process and product showcasing gifts, souvenirs, specialty typical of Lao Cai province; area operations performed some unique folklore as dance of money creating, flute and praise of Mong; Information and tour assistance and investment projects.

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