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Sa Pa Shopping08:03:11 | 08-09-2016 | Directory: List of shops

You can find throughout Sapa town series of souvenir shops where they show all local people's products: handicrafts, silvers, wooden things. All products are made by the people in this region. It is also interesting to go down to the villages and buy souvenirs from the local minority people. It is important that you should buy things from the adults (especially from women) in their houses in stead of buying outside and from children. By this way, you will encourage the people to sell things in their villages and motivate the children come back to schools.

List of shops in Sa Pa

Luong Thuy shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

025, Cau May Street,SaPaTown

- Tel: 020.3871446

Muong Hoa shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

025 Muong Hoa street,Sa Pa Town


Pho Nui shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

013, Cau May Street,SaPaTown

- Tel: 020.3871712

- Fax: 020.3871712

- Email:

Khanh Huyen

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

017,Xuan Vien Street,SaPaTown

- Tel: 097794363

Viet Silver

(Specializing in selling silver products)

034 Fansipan Street,SaPaTown

Sa Pa Shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

048, Cau May Street,SaPaTown

- Tel:020.3871439

Hue Silk

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

024, Cau May Street,SaPaTown.

- Tel: 020.3871050

- Email:

Fine arts stone shop

(Specializing in selling stone fine arts)

017,Muong Hoa Street,SaPaTown.

Nguyen Lang Van shop

(Specializing sew and sell Ethnic brocade)

Cau May Street,SaPaTown

Sapa minorities'handicraft

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

Cau May Street,SaPaTown

- Email:

Nguyen Tien Sy shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

Cau may Street, Sa Pa Town.

Wild Orchid

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

029, Cau may Street, Sa Pa Town.

-Mobile: 0912 135 868

SaPa silver

(Specializing in selling silver)

019,Muong Hoa Street,SaPaTown.

Thien Viet shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

22b,Fansipan Street,SaPaTown

-Mobile: 0912 715 418

Vu Duc

(Specializing in selling Silver, jewelry and handicrafts)

026,Muong Hoa Street,SaPaTown.

- Tel: 020.3872616

Woodcarving shop

(Specializing in selling wooden souvenirs)

014,Muong Hoa Street,SaPaTown

- Tel: 020 872900

-Mobile: 0977893566


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