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Lists of shops in Sa Pa13:26:14 | 16-04-2020 | Directory: List of shops

There are many things in Sa Pa town you can buy as a special gift fot your family and friends. Here are the lists of shop in Sa Pa where you can get things.

Lists of shops in Sa Pa

  1. Chau Long Sapa souvenir shop

(Specializing in selling mainly silk and  brocade)

Add: 24 Dong Loi Street, Sapa Town.

  1. 2.     SaPa Trekking & Souvenir

(Specializing in selling mainly brocade and Sapa specialties )

Add: 04 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town

Tel: +84373248668

  1. 3.     Mai Coffee & Souvenir

(Specializing in selling handicrafts,  Sapa specialty)

Add: 020 Ham Rong Street, Sapa Town

Tel: +84965.102.444

  1. 4.     Luong Thuy shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

Add: 025, Cau May Street, SaPaTown

 Tel: +84 2143871446

  1. 5.     Muong Hoa shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

025, Muong Hoa street, Sa Pa Town

Email: [email protected]

  1. 6.     Pho Nui shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

013, Cau May Street, SaPaTown

Tel: +84 2143871712

Email: [email protected]

  1. 7.     Khanh Huyen

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

017, Xuan Vien Street, SaPaTown

Tel: +84 97794363

  1. 8.     Viet Silver

(Specializing in selling silver products)

034 Fansipan Street, SaPaTown

  1. 9.     Sa Pa Shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

048, Cau May Street, SaPaTown

 Tel: +84 2143 871 439

10. Hue Silk

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

024, Cau May Street, SaPaTown.

 Tel: +84 2143 871 050

 Email: huesilk[email protected]

11. Fine arts stone shop

(Specializing in selling stone fine arts)

017, Muong Hoa Street, SaPaTown.

12. Nguyen Lang Van shop

(Specializing sew and sell Ethnic brocade)

Cau May Street, SaPaTown

13. Sapa minorities'handicraft

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

Cau May Street, SaPaTown

Email: [email protected]

14. Nguyen Tien Sy shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

Cau may Street, Sa Pa Town.

15. Wild Orchid

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

029, Cau may Street, Sa Pa Town

Tel: +84 912 135 868

16. SaPa silver

(Specializing in selling silver)

019, Muong Hoa Street, SaPaTown.

17. Thien Viet shop

(Specializing in selling handicrafts)

22b, Fansipan Street, SaPaTown

Tel: +84 912 715 418

18. Vu Duc

(Specializing in selling Silver, jewelry and handicrafts)

026, Muong Hoa Street, SaPaTown.

Tel: +84 2143 872 616

19. Woodcarving shop

(Specializing in selling wooden souvenirs)

014, Muong Hoa Street, SaPaTown

Tel: +84 977893566


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