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The beauty of Sa Pa in the frosty

The beauty of Sa Pa in the frosty06:19:35 | 22-07-2019

During the past few days, the temperature uninterrupted to decrease in Sa Pa, 2 degrees only; damp air, a lot of fog accompanied with the cold wind. The weather has severed to the domestic animal, crop plants, local people, but bring to Sapa an errie scenery has attractived the tourists.

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Notice07:24:09 | 12-10-2016

The typhoon No. 3 has affected to many provinces in the North of Vietnam. Last night it was heavy of rainfalls in Lao Cai territory and created flooding from rivers and streams. We recommend you and people who want to move around this area have tobe careful of this time from landslides and flash floods irregularities. We also recommend you should consider reasonably before leaving to work or traveling.

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Frost appears on Mount Fansipan

Frost appears on Mount Fansipan00:40:26 | 10-04-2019

 In the afternoon of January 8, 2019, the first snowstorm in winter appeared on Fansipan peak in Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province.

This is a low intensity frost, appearing locally on the top of the Indochina roof in a cold weather, about 5 degrees. Many people are surprised because the usual snow and ice will come when the weather is very low, dry and clear. However, this time the snow fell at the same time with a heavy rain like a thunderstorm in the middle of winter.

Images of snow and ice (collect)

Immediately after the images of snow and ice were uploaded to the social network, they immediately attracted thousands of interested people with hundreds of shares. Many tourists expressed their regret during the solar Tet holiday in Sa Pa hunted snow "shortfall" while the temperature dropped to 0 degrees.

 Images of snow and ice (collect)

However, due to the thin amount of snow, accompanied by heavy rain, only after about 3 hours, the snow has melted and has not appeared again. According to some meteorologists, this is a strange and unusual weather phenomenon, proving the unpredictable evolution of the climate.

Translated by Tuong Nguyen

Program of Sapa Spring Festival 2019

Program of Sapa Spring Festival 201906:31:37 | 22-07-2019

With the aim of strengthening cultural exchange activities, providing typical tourism products of Sa Pa ethnic groups, continuing to promote the potential of the National Tourism Area, Sa Pa District has issued the program detail of Spring Festival of 2019 with many new and exciting activities.


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Republic of Korea’s Ambassador visited  Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center.

Republic of Korea’s Ambassador visited Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center.02:51:32 | 20-07-2019

On 6th october 2016, Mr Lee Hyuk – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of  Korea to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam; Ambassador’s spouse – Ms Won Wha Soon; Mr Chang Jae Yun – Country Director, KOICA Viet Nam and Counselors of Korea Embassy visited Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center (TIPC)

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