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Bac Ha district tourism development plan until 2020 with a view to 203002:22:49 | 05-07-2018 | Directory: News - Events

With the goal of focusing on effectively exploiting Bac Ha tourism development potentials, strengths into a spearhead economic sector which contributes to socio-economic growth and economic restructuring in the direction of gradually increasing GRDP in tourism and services; and protecting natural resources and environment, preserving the traditional cultural characters; well solving social problems, on 27 November 2017, Lao Cai Provincial People's Committee promulgated Decision No. 5294/QĐ-UBND on Bac Ha district tourism development plan until 2020 with a view to 2030.

Accordingly, the specific goal is that by 2020, Bac Ha would have strived to welcome approximately 400,000 tourist arrivals. By 2030, welcome approximately 1.7 million tourist arrivals with social income from tourism reaching VND 1,620 billion. By 2020, the district would have had 660 standard rooms for tourists and reached 2,700 rooms by 2030. And in 2021-2030 period, the district would have created approximately 9,240 jobs from the tourism sector, in which direct labor would be 2,340 people and indirect labor would be 6,900 people.

To achieve the above goals, Bac Ha district has oriented tourism space into three distinct areas including: upland area, central area and lower area. Based on the tourism space areas, the district has also oriented to develops main tourism products such as:Community tourism based on cultural identities of ethnic minorities and natural landscapes. Ecotourism based on topographic, climatic conditions, vegetation diversity and closely linked to community tourism and complementary to other types of tourism. Spiritual and cultural tourism based on cultural diversity and identity along and linked to resources of the surrounding areas. Areas with favorable conditions to develop these products are Trung Do village, Ba me con mountain and Bac Ha town. Sightseeing, resort and entertainment tourism based on terrain - climate - landscape and the differences in living and production habits. Areas with favorable conditions to develop this product is Ba me con mountain, Co Tien mountain, flower valley, Bac Ha town center and Coc Ly - Song Chay hydropower reservoir. Sport - adventure tourism: may create unique products, create attraction, images for destinations. In the short term, favorable areas for the development of this product are Coc Ly - Song Chay hydropower reservoir and Ta Van Chu commune.

The district has paid attention to deploying solutions to implement the plan such as: Promulgating policies, mechanisms; applying state management to local tourism; propagating and raising awareness of tourism; protecting resources and tourist environment; preserving cultural heritage; promoting international cooperation, etc. Especially, the group of solutions to attract investment capital for tourism development has been concerned by Bac Ha district. Accordingly, the district will combine investment promotion with trade and tourism promotion in potential markets; integrate the investment promotion program of the district into the investment promotion program of the province. The district will upgrade, publicize and disseminate investment information, promote local image and marketing on the website of the district, province. The district will actively promote investment in various forms, attaching importance to direct contact with partners and enterprises to introduce investment conditions and environment. The district will strengthen the mobilization of capital from economic sectors, ensure stable, safe, sustainable and effective credit growth.

According to Bac Ha district tourism development plan until 2020 with a view to 2030, Bac Ha district has identified priority areas for investment and development. In which, there are a number of important projects to promote tourism development such as: The project for investing and exploiting Ba me con mountain top to create complex tourism products and combine spiritual (on mountain top) and entertainment, resort with capital of approximately VND 480 billion. The theme tourist area in flower valley in Thai Giang Pho commune to create resort, entertainment tourism product. The project for developing agro-ecotourism and building a theme park with capital of approximately VND 120 billion. The project for developing a cultural and entertainment tourist area at the place between Tan Chu village and Nhiu Co Van B village, Ta Van Chu commune to build cultural tourist spots, community tourist spots such as: Gallery - cultural house (places to welcome, introduce to tourists, show cultural performances, etc). The project for developing accommodation, catering, homestay services with investment capital of approximately VND 130 billion. The boat - wharf project in Coc Ly hydropower reservoir with expected capital of approximately VND 180 billion. This is a project to put the tourist route of Coc Ly hydropower reservoir into a new tourist route attracting tourists to Bac Ha. In addition, there is Na Co lake entertainment area project with investment capital of approximately VND 80 billion. In particular, concentrate on building Na Co lake park into a key tourist destination of Bac Ha with cultural nuance of ethnic minority people in the northern highlands. Create links with tourist sites such as Hoang A Tuong palace, Cultural market, etc into a unified tourist complex. The project for building restaurants, Mini supermarkets with capital of approximately VND 80 billion to build 8 - 10 restaurants, 01 to 02 mini supermarkets in Bac Ha district center, Bao Nhai commune, Coc Ly, Ta Chai, Na Hoi in order to serve shopping, eating and drinking demands of local people and tourists. The project for building standard hotels, guest houses in the locality to meet increasingly high demands of tourists visiting Bac Ha; expected capital of approximately VND 150 billion with 10 hotels and over, in which 5 hotels are 2-star ones. The project for planning television hill, Nam Cay hill into an ecotourism, resort area, etc.

The effective implementation of Bac Ha district tourism development plan until 2020 with a view to 2030 will also play an important role in enhancing economic exchanges, creating more jobs and increasing cultural enjoyment, raising income for laborers and communities, increasing budget revenue; support other economic sectors to develop in Bac Ha in the coming time./.

                          Nguyen Trong Hoa - Vice Chairman of Bac Ha district People’s Committee

                                                                                                               Translated by Hồng Ly

Tran Thanh Tuan - TIPC Lao Cai

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