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Bac Ha is a highland district, located in the north-east of Lao Cai province, about 70 km from Lao Cai. With its rich human and natural tourism resources, the "Bac Ha White Highlands" has a great potential for tourism, an attractive destination for visitors, and an opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors.

"White Highland" Bac Ha is a place where converging cultural colors of 14 ethnic groups living together with special festivals such as “Gau Tao”, also known as “Say San”, Lunar New Year Festival of Red Dao people, Long Tong Festival (down the field), the Traditional Horse Racing Festival is unique; Bac Ha Culture Market - one of the 10 most attractive markets in Southeast Asia, where having the largest pan of “Thang Co” is recorded in the record book of Vietnam; “Xoe” dance of Tay, Pan-pipe dance, etc ...; There are many traditional crafts such as silver making by Dao people in Nam Khanh commune, casting and wine making by Mong people, saddle making by Phu La people. At the same time, Bac Ha also has many national-ranked monuments such asHoangATuongPalace, Bac Ha Temple, Trung Do Temple,ThienLongCave. Besides, "Bac Ha White Highlands" is also famous for its clean and cool climate, many beautiful natural attractions, attractive to domestic and foreign tourists such as Ta Van Chu Dragon Cave, Fairy Cave, Coc Ly – Chay river, Co Tien mountain, Mother and children mountain in Bac Ha town, Ban Lien forest, Ta Van Chu primary forest, Coc Ly wood forest, tea plantation in Hoang Thu Pho commune;

This abundant human and natural tourism resource is the ideal source for tourism development in Bac Ha, becoming one of the key tourist destinations of Lao Cai. In particular, Bac Ha is now an attractive destination for many visitors to experience the type of community tourism with many new destinations such as Ta Van Chu village - Ta Van Chu commune; Trung Do village - Bao Nhai commune;BanPhoVillage- Ban Pho commune; Na Lo Village - Ta Chai Commune ... Coming to each of these villages, visitors are discovering the cultural identity of each different ethnic group, being in harmony with living space, enjoying the specialties of local people such as corn wine, Thang Co, Pho Chua, Khau Nhuc ..., picking and enjoying the Tam Hoa plum, harvesting corn, making wine ... In addition, Bac Ha is also convenient to transfer tourists from Sa Pa, Lao Cai city go to Si Ma Cai, pass Xin Man - Ha Giang or vice versa ... soon to become a tourist center in the Northeast of Lao Cai province.

However, the reality of Bac Ha has not developed adequately with its potential and advantages. The material and technical facilities of tourism have not been fully invested; lack of high quality, unique and high quality tourism products and services on the market; Hotel system, guest house for tourists only small scale and lack of high quality facilities, only 3 hotels are standard 2 stars. Human resources lack tourism, weak professional has not met the requirements of tourism services; Promotion has not been paid much attention; The attraction of investment in developing tourism products and services is not effective; The ability to connect with Sa Pa, Lao Cai City, Si Ma Cai, Xin Man (Ha Giang) in the coordination of tourists is limited, etc.

From the potential, advantages and challenges in tourism development, the Executive Board of the Bac Ha Party Committee has also identified the development of tourism as a spearhead economic sector, making an important contribution to The scale and high growth rate of services and economic sectors of the district, such as striving to 2020, Bac Ha welcome about 400,000 tourists, 660 rooms qualified for tourists; By 2030, welcome about 1.7 million visitors, reaching 2,700 rooms with social income from tourism reached 1.620 billion. In order to make this goal a reality, Bac Ha is actively carrying out many specific tasks under Decision No. 5294 / QD-UBND of Lao Cai People's Committee approving the Bac Ha Tourism Development Plan By 2020, the vision to 2030, while implementing many solutions in the development of tourism such as continuing to focus on diversifying the product line of tourism (types of tourism) such as cultural tourism, tourism ecotourism - community, sightseeing tours, historical relics, festivals to meet the needs exploring, experiences of visitors; Promoting the promotion through special publications, internet system, social network; To promote the investment in material and technical facilities of the district, with priority given to the construction of 3-star or higher-class hotels in the town area, the development of community-based tourism; To build and upgrade routes linking tourist sites; To attach importance to the training of tourism human resources towards the improvement of basic skills according to the Vietnam Tourism Standards; Strengthening the capacity of connecting, coordinating and transferring tourists with localities in the province and Ha Giang province.

Thus, with its potential and strength, together with the recognition of local limitations and the determination of the Party, the authorities and the people of the Bac Ha ethnic group, is undertaking many important tasks and solutions to exploit and develop tourism. With the objective of clear, together with the investment interest of Lao Cai province and the efforts of the local to exploit the potential and advantages in tourism development, Bac Ha will certainly become one of the medium The tourism development of the province, is the attractive destination of domestic and foreign tourists.

Nguyen Quoc Huy - Chairman of Bac Ha People's Committee

                                                                 Translated by Tuong Nguyen

Tran Thanh Tuan - TIPC Lao Cai

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