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Canyoning tour in Sa Pa07:50:18 | 06-09-2019 | Directory: News - Events

          Sapa is one of the best destination in the North of Viet Nam with a lot of different activities that attract many tourists from countries in the world. With the cooperation and technical support of experts from the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), Sapa has a new unique and favorite product for tourists who are very interested in adventure travel.

Participating in these activities, visitors will be fully equipped with necessary and professional equipment to adapt to all the harsh weather conditions in Sapa. Moreover, visitors will receive the guidance and elaborate explanation of the professional tour guide team in Vietnamese and English with basic techniques and safety assurance when taking part in this sports.



 Activities of canyoning trip, photos by Thanh Tuan 

There are many spectacular landscape of Love waterfall is a great choice for testing and putting into operation this new extreme sports model in Sapa. With technical support and professional training courses from experts of region Nouvell Aquitaine for a team of professional guides from Hoang Lien National Park and international travel companies. Sa Pa has been and will be an attractive destination for travelers' choice when coming to Vietnam. This activity will be focused on investment and deployment on a large scale at other tourist sites in Sapa National Tourist Area, in order to better meet the needs of discovery and experience of tourists.


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