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Celebration program of the Party and the Mau Tuat new year 201802:00:34 | 05-02-2018 | Directory: News - Events

 Celebrating  new year of Mau Tuat 2018, Lao Cai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has promulgated the Plan of Organizing the celebration of the Party and the new year 2018 with many attractive and meaningfull activities which contribute to enrich the spirit, cultural life of the people during the Lunar New Year, create the excitement atmosphere, ebullient emulation and have a good implement the task of socio-economic development 2018.

1. The Arts program in which have a New Year's Eve party and thurify Thuong  temple

- Time: From 20h15 New Year's Eve (February 15th 2018)

- Place: Dinh Le Street - Coc Leu Precinct - Lao Cai City

- Content:

+ The special program of music and dance for welcoming the new year 2018 by the actors of the Cinema and Culture Centre.

+ The chairman of Lao Cai People's Committee makes his New Year speech to all officers, soldiers and people of different ethnic groups in Lao Cai province on the occasion of the Mau Tuat new year 2018.

+ The fireworks program: starting at 21h00 by the province military headquarters.

+ Thurification at Thuong Temple by the actors of the Cinema and Culture Center, the Art perfommance and Experimental Centre, the Service Office.

2. Joinning the Mau Tuat newspaper association 2018

- Time: 03 days, from Febuary 28th 2018 to the end of  March 2nd 2018 (from the 13th to the 15th of January the lunar year). Opening: 18h30 on  February 28th 2018.

- Place: The Cultural House of Lao Cai City

3. Co-ordinate to organize Thuong Festival 2018

- Time: 03 days, from 28th February 2018 to the end of  March 2nd 2018 (from the 13th to the 15th of January the lunar year). Opening: 8h00 on March 2nd 2018

- Place: The Thuong Temple - Lao Cai city

4. Organizing Co Tan An Festival 2018

- Implementation according to the plan No. 305 / KH-UBND dated November 27th  2017 to organizing the Co Temple Festival, Tan An commune, Van Ban district in 2018.

- Place: Co Temple, Tan An commune, Van Ban district

5. Organizing film show

- Time: Before and after the Lunar New Year

- Place: At Lao Cai cinema and the mobile film show at the districts in the province.

- Content: The films praise the Party and Ho Chi Minh .

6. Organizing athletic activities for welcoming the Mau Tuat spring 2018

- Time: February 19th  2018 (the 4th day of the Lunar New Year)

- Place: At the Tennis Court and Multipurpose Gymnasium of Competition and Training Centre.

- Content: Tennis and badminton competition.

7. Tourism activities for Tet.

-Program of welcoming the first tourist coming in Lao Cai on the first day of the New Year 2018.




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