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Discover the tourist route of Vung Rong – Gieng Tien16:21:31 | 23-12-2016 | Directory: News - Events

On 20/05/2015 the Environmental Education Center and the Environmental Services of the Hoang Lien National Park has organized the tours survey of Vung Rong - Gieng Tien. The Sa Pa television reporters, the travel companies in the district, the Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center was joining the survey.

"Vung Rong - Gieng Tien" located in Hoang Lien National Park at an altitude of nearly 2000m above the sea level, this is a new tourist routes, attractive and suitable for the natural discovering tours, adventurous. To get to Vung Rong - Gieng Tien the visitors have to go down the Sin Chai or Cat Cat village of San Sa Ho commune then turn back the Muong Hoa stream approximately 3 - 4 hours. There are the primeval forests with the rich, diversified flora, the dazzlingly white waterfall, the blue streams are rises from the Fansipan mountain with the height of 3.143m here. Come to the tourist route of Vung Rong - Gieng Tien the visitors will enjoy the pristine beauty of the Hoang Lien mountain range, is wallow in the beautiful natural scenery and breathe the fresh air here.

Vung Rong.

The Vung Rong beauty seen from above.

The Vung Rong circled by the ancient tree forest. 

The rich, diversified flora.

Gieng Tien.

Enjoy the refreshing waters at Gieng Tien.

The visitors come toSaPa, please do not miss the opportunity to explore and experience the tourist route "Vung Rong - Gieng Tien".

Phan Thanh Nhan - TIPC Lao Cai

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