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Discovering Sapa Winter Festival – Special and Unique in Viet Nam02:42:17 | 28-12-2017 | Directory: News - Events

The tourists come to Sa Pa in winter in addition to the purpose of "try" the cold feeling as in temperate regions, everyone desires to once in their life to admire the snow scene. And that certainly will come true if you go to Sapa during the Sa Pa Snow Festival 2017.

Discovering Sapa Snow Festival is held from 22nd to 1/1/2018 by Lao Cai Tourism Information and Promotion Center and Binh Minh International Travel Company. Officially located at 02 Fansipan Street - Sa Pa town - Lao Cai. This is one of the most famous winter-tourism events in the country and a typical event in the Visite Viet Nam Year 2017, contributing to the branding of Sa Pa - Lao Cai's own Winter Festival. .

Discovering Sa Pa Snow Festival will present the unique and unique snow scene in Vietnam on this area of nearly 10,000 square meters with impressive scenery, excellent check-in, amusement space. with snow under the theme: Christmas, snow garden, snow mansion, snow house H'mong, snow flooring, snowflake, snowfall, snow road, many snow scene models. With friends and family to enjoy, explore, experience and save the beautiful frame is nothing more wonderful.

Besides, many attractive programs will be organized so that visitors can really enjoy themselves in the atmosphere of the Festival such as the impressive performance of night music and dance at the outdoor stage; Reproduction of folk culture of ethnic groups (singing love affair, simulating scene pulling his wife, singing pipe confession, caveman dance, Mong flute flute, love market ...); Sa Pa folklore games and bullding show team games; Vietnamese cuisine and traditional Lao Cai cuisine (Chung cake, traditional maize wine, tomato - red sentence - peach blossom ...); Display brocade and local agricultural products, travel gifts, introduction of brocade production process on the first floor of Sa Pa Museum; Display and rent traditional costumes; Painting Exhibition, photos, etc. The highlight of this year's festival is the unique fire dancing performance of the Red Dao ethnic group. And not only that, this is also the space for music lovers Trinh at the Trinh tea room with the immortal songs of the late musician Trinh Cong Son to please any traveler who has a tea in the great music space.

Especially, the festival of night lights with many scenes reflecting the festival of light at night was first held in Sa Pa, with lots of beautiful light show space with the unique backdrop of Christmas trees. , the subterranean light tunnel and the entire architectural space illuminated within the 10,000 square meters of the Festival.

The Sa Pa Snow Festival in 2017 with a serious investment and new ideas will bring to visitors a wonderful experience - unique and unique. If you do not have the romantic snowflakes in the West, do not hesitate to plan your next trip to Sapa Sa Pa.

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