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Event can-not-miss in this November: The Muong Khuong Tangerine Festival06:50:41 | 22-07-2019 | Directory: News - Events

In order to promote and introduce the brand name "Muong Khuong Tangerine", the trademark is recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property; and to create a special tourist event attracting any foreign tourists who come to Muong Khuong, Muong Khuong district will organize the festival "Muong Khuong tangerine". You can explore, discover and enjoy the cuisine of local. The festival will be held on 11st Nov, 2017 at Muong Khuong town night market area, Muong Khuong district.

   The festival is scheduled to take place at 7pm on 11th Nov, 2017 with many special art programs and the opening ceremony associated with the announcement of Muong Khuong specialty brand of this land. They are recognized trademarks associated with that location, chili sauce Muong Khuong and Seng Cu Rice.


Farmers harvest tangerines in preparation for festival

   At 1 pm on 11th Nov,2017, many interesting activities for visitors and local people will be held as: Showcase products introduced tangerine and Muong Khuong specialty agricultural products such as chilli sauce, rice, tomato, orange, banana, pineapple, yellow soybean, brocade ... with 18 booths district; Organizing the examination of stamping marks on tangerine products; Decorating and introducing products; and many other folk game activities. I promise you, this will be an extremely attractive and exciting festival season in Muong Khuong.

Enjoy the fresh tangerines of the frontier land

... is always attractive to any visitor

   Muong Khuong District is a beautiful land of Lao Cai province, located on the northern west border of Vietnam. Muong Khuong is located 76km north of Sa Pa. To come here, you can go biking within 4 hours or 2 hours in a car. From Sa Pa, you take bus to Lao Cai City and to the last wharf at Pho Moi Bus Station, you can easily find a passenger car to Muong Khuong district for only 100.000 VND.

Beautiful Muong Khuong

   Muong Khuong is a mountainous district with unique terrain characterized for northwestern Vietnam. I believe you will love the pristine land and the true people here. The district has a population of about 50 thousand, consisting of 14 different ethnic groups. The H'Mong are the majority group in the district with 41.8% of the total.

Only a few days to the Muong Khuong Tangerine Festival. Why don't you try?

Bui Thai Ha - TIPC Lao Cai

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