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Exploring Bat Xat – Awakening the sleeping fairy in the jungles22:48:41 | 26-12-2017 | Directory: News - Events

Bat Xat is a mountainous and border-line sharing district, which is located in the North Western Part of Lao Cai province across a natural land area of over 1,061.89 km2. It is attractive to the tourists not only for its wild and mysterious landscape beauty but also for its unique cultural characteristics of 14 ethnic minority groups living there. In recent years, Bat Xat has been becoming a promising tourist site thanks to its unique types of tourism namely: Culture - festivals tourism, ecological - beauty of nature tourism, sports and adventure tourism, which have been attracting thousands of both local and foreign tourists.

Coming to Bat Xat, tourists will have a chance to enjoy not only the typical cool climate conditions of the Northern Part, grandiose natural landscape and terraced fields that spread beyond your view but also to share a friendly atmosphere with the local people and explore the cultural beauties in the H’Mong, Dao, Giay and Ha Nhi ethnic people’s villages. National cultural character draws up a colorful picture in the middle of endlessly spreading forest and sky.Tourists will also have a chance to understand about annual Festivals, each of which is characterized by the cultural features of each ethnic groups such as: “Going to the Field” Festival of Giay people, Khoi Kim and Put Tong Festival of Red Dao people, Kho Gia Gia, Ga Ma Do, Gat Tu Tut festivals of  Black Ha Nhi people, etc.

If you are an adventurous tourist, Bat Xat would be a perfect place for sports and adventurous tourism. Coming here tourists will have a chance to go on winding bicycle race tracks while enjoying the grandiose mountainous landscape and relaxing yourself by contemplating the beautiful terraced fields that spread as far as beyond your view. Grandiose mountains are always waiting there for those who like adventures and conquering of high mountain ranges such as: Ky Quan San range (Bạch Mộc Lương Tử); Nhìu Cồ San range, Lảo Thẩn range (Y Tý),  etc. and many attractive and new trekking paths that guide you through the jungles.

In addition, coming to Bat Xat, the tourists will also have a chance to contemplate the seasonal landscape. In spring, Bat Xat is characterized by hundreds types of flowers, namely the brilliant pink of peach blossoms by the veranda of Trinh  Tuong houses, the pure white of medlar flowers and the lyrical yellow and red of water-rail flowers. In summer, tourists will have a chance to contemplate the mighty water falls, terraced fields at time of water run-offs and experience and explore the diversified ecosystems of Y Ty primeval forest.  Bat Xat district in autumn always inspires people with artistic soul by endlessly spreading yellow terraced fields and holly, misty forest areas, etc. In winter, you will be surprised at Bat Xat’s white cotton-liked clouds which slowly floating under your foot. And sometimes there is snow here in winter time. Tourists may feel as if they were in the Europe with parts of forest, houses and harvested terraced fields in white snow.

It would not be a perfect experience if you come to Bat Xat without trying the local unique food. Bat Xat is famous for many types of delicious and strange-taste food that could deeply delight the tourists, namely: salmon, sturgeon, Ha Nhi beer, Muong Hum stream fish, Ban Xeo vermicelli, free-raised, small-sized pigs and chicken. Tourists will also try special wine made from fermented un-milled rice such as: San Lung, Sim San and Nam Pung wine.

Come exploring a Bat Xat that is rich in tourism resources and hospitality.


Photo of cloud hunting at Lao Than range

Photo of Trinh Tuong house

Photo of terraced fields

Photo of Kho Gia Gia festival

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