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Ham Rong eco-tourism area with “ Stone and Flower Festival 2019” in Sapa07:43:25 | 06-09-2019 | Directory: News - Events

          Located in the center of Sa Pa town, Ham Rong mountain resort was started in 1996 with an area of 148ha, which has effectively exploited the wild features of moss, perennial peach forest and cultural features. traditional, culinary traditions of the ethnic groups here.

With average height of 1450 - 1850m, it is the convergence of the most favorable living conditions for orchids and flowers of tropical regions. Ham Rong ecotourism area not only attracts visitors by the ancient moss features of rocky forests, orchids with all kinds of unique species orchids in the North of Viet Nam, European flower gardens with all kinds of flowers racing to show off sharp. But this place also attracts visitors by the unique cultural and culinary traditions of ethnic minorities in Sapa. In the journey of walking around flower gardens, stone gardens or Dao gardens, visitors will stop at the San stilt house with the unique architectural style of the Tay ethnic group, so that visitors can have deep feelings. more about traditional culture through lyrics, dances, flutes, unique souvenirs, embellished in traditional costumes, enjoying dishes with bold characteristics of Ethnic minorities here such as sticky rice in the bamboo, barbecue, bacon ...

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From the top of Cloud Yard - the highest sightseeing spot of this resort will give visitors a strange feeling of refreshment when admiring the whole beautiful scenery of Sapa town, with the cool breeze brings the scent of the Northwest mountains. It will surely make you forget about the chaos of life to enjoy wonderful relaxing moments together to energize yourself and ready to return to your daily life.

          More specifically, from 1st Septembe to the end of 2nd September 2019 during the "Sapa Autumn Festival 2019" Tourist will fully enjoy all those wonderful experiences with cultural activities, arts, cuisine and art performance activities of Sa Pa ethnic minorities with“ Stones and Flowers Festival” in Ham Rong eco- tourism area.

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