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Lao Cai province will promote tourism with impressive works and unique products22:59:42 | 26-12-2017 | Directory: News - Events

In order to promote tourism, besides unique and attractive tourism products, communications and promotion regarding tourism is among the top priorities in the provincial tourism development strategy. In the past few years, tourism promotion activities in Lao Cai province have been actively and efficiently implemented. We have prepared tourism publications such as leaflets, booklets, newsletters; websites (,, to promote province’s tourism activities; participation in the Vietnam - China Trade Fair 2017, culture week on tourism green heritage in Hanoi, North Western Vietnam tourism fair in Son La province, etc. In addition, Lao Cai province is also working to promote tourism with impressive works and unique products.

Photo of Tourism Product Promotion Section at Vietnam - China Trade Fair 2017

Under the framework of activities of the National Tourism Year 2017, Lao Cai province has organized a contest on the designing of souvenirs and gifts for tourists. This activity is designed to identify and promote the production of handicraft products for use as high quality souvenirs and gifts to support tourism in Lao Cai province. At the same time, it helps to promote Lao Cai’s tourism to both local and foreign tourists.

The organizing board of the contest received 34 handicraft souvenirs and gifts which are completed and diversified in terms of materials and color. These products symbolize and represent for the image of Lao Cai province with a focus on some topics: Tourist destinations, famous landscape and sites that carry unique cultural characteristics of Lao Cai province; architectural structures, historical and cultural sites of Lao Cai province; food specialties of Lao Cai province. The organizing board has selected the best products for awarding. The first prize is given to the Atiso Soft Glue (produced by Traphacosapa One Member Company Limited.). The second prize is given to the following products: Decorative terracotta plate (Lao Cai terracotta and ceramics store) and dining table brocade cover set (Lan Rung Brocade Cooperative). The third prize is given to the following products: Fansipan range model (Ngo Duc Sang); Hong Mi wine (Tran Viet Bac One Member Company Limited.); a set of pictures on Lao Cai-Sa Pa Thuong Temple (Hoa Mai Fine Arts Cooperative). Consolation prize: “Land-Sky Rendezvous” stone statue; “Fansipan Range” terracotta statue, “Sa Pa Love Market” gift box, a disk combo containing photos of Lao Cai province.


Photo of product receiving first prize

All the products receiving prizes from the contest have been displayed, introduced and promoted by the organizing board at Vietnam - China International Trade Fair 2017 and this attracts the attention of a lot of visitors. Furthermore, these prized products are also displayed, promoted and used as gifts given to both local and foreign delegates at the Closing Ceremony of the National Tourism Year 2017 organized in December in Lao Cai province. Finally, these products will be displayed at the Tourists’ Information Center in Lao Cai city, situated at No. 09, Hong Ha street, Coc Leu ward, Lao Cai city in order to get them introduced to both local and foreign tourists.

Such unique products as the dining table brocade cover set, Fansipan range terracotta model and especially the food specialties of Lao Cai province such as: atiso glue, Hong Mi wine, Ngu Sam Diep tea, Dan Sam tea, etc. symbolize the cultural characteristics of Lao Cai province and will attract a lot of tourists. Tourists, wherever they are and upon seeing these unique products, will be reminded of Lao Cai province. Promoting tourism with the province’s own unique products and specialties will be a new, appropriate approach to attract more tourists. These products will not only provide tourists with an impression about Lao Cai province but also be beneficial to the tourists or end-users. Each product successfully delivered to the tourists means the broad picture of Lao Cai province is partially communicated to the tourists.

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