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Lao Cai’s tourism projects in period 2015 – 202000:57:50 | 30-03-2017 | Directory: News - Events

Lao Cai is a province belong to Northwest area have a strongly development in all field, particular is tourism. In recent years, Lao Cai province has attracted a lot of projects in this area with large investments. In the period from 2015 to 2020, 7 scale projects will be implemented and promises to bring breakthrough change for our province tourism.

  1. 1. Car station, car park and support services project in Sa Pa commune, Sa Pa district with an area of 10 hectares and an investment of 200 billion VND. The project implemented with the objective of ensuring traffic order and safety, reduce traffic congestion in SaPa urban area, suitable for the urban’s planning and transport development plan of the province.
  2. 2. Investment project to build Bac Ha tourist resort at the television hill in Bac Ha district with an area of 5 hectares and 100 percents off-budget investment is estimated 250 billion VND. The goal of this project is to build accommodation facilities with many attractive tourism products, to respond needs more and more increase of tourists to Bac Ha. Building Bac Ha tourist resorts become an attractive destination, develop tourism become a key economic branch, promote the development of other economic sectors, create jobs and increase budget revenue.
  3. 3. Lao Cai airline port project in Cam Con commune, Bao Yen district. This is the first airline port project in Lao Cai with an investment of 4,400 billion and area about 261 thousand hectares. This project was born with the aim to help Lao Cai province developing economic, cultural and ensure security defense, connectivity routes to the major centers of the south.
  4. Hotel system contruction and Bac Ha advanced service project in Nam Cay hill, Bac Ha district. Along with construction resort area project, this project will give birth to large-scale hotels, advanced services in this newly tourist town. The project has scale of 20 hectares and an investment of 250 billion VND.
  5. 4. Lao Cai golf yard development project in Bat Xat district. Along with projects to build tourism zone and resort, investors are particularly interest to golf-yard development project. With the aim of improving the quality of infrastructure, contributing to socioeconomic development of province, attracting domestic and abroad investments to Lao Cai, local people and visitors can enjoy the living space and perfect service, golf yard project in Bat Xat district has an area of 99 hectares and reached 1.200 billion VND direct invested from foreign country.
  6. 5. Gia Phu golf yard development project in Bao Thang district is one of two projects about golf yard of Lao Cai province in period 2015-2020. Area and investment of this project are equivalent in Bat Xat district.

6. Project to build ecotourism including “Mother and two childs” mountain, Thien Long cave, Ham Rong cave in some communes such as Ta Chai, Ta Van Chu in Bac Ha district and Na Bu commune in Muong Khuong district. The project was carried out with the desire to exploit the natural values of “Mother and two childs” mountain, to build attractive tourism products, to respond the demand of visitors to Bac Ha, promote the development of other economic area, create several oppotune about jobs, increase local revenues, conservation and restoration of natural monuments to develop cultural-ecological tours and community tourism. Investors will spend 420 billion VND on building the project with an area of 262 hectares.

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