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Love Market in SaPa07:41:17 | 20-11-2020 | Directory: News - Events

Coming to the misty town just to see the beautiful scenery is extremely shortcoming of the customer. Sapa has many other interesting things for tourists to explore, one of the special culture of the ethnic community in this area. Sapa also preserves the unique culture of indigenous people for a longtime, "promises" to bring you many interesting experiences.

Joining the Sapa tour, you will discover Sa Pa Love Market, a traditional culture of the Mong and Dao ethnic people in Lao Cai highlands in particular and the Northwest of our country in general since ancient times. The majority of ethnic groups such as the Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay ... are residing in Sa Pa live in the Muong Hoa valley, where the Muong Hoa River originates from small streams from the top of Fansipan mountain. The water from the river helps ethnic minorities here cultivate agriculture as well as daily activities.

One of those interesting experiences is participating in Sapa love market. Sapa Love Market, a unique fair in the Northwest highlands, the meeting place of young men and women, young people in the villages. They come here to exchange and show their love.

Most of us believe that if it is a market, there must be transactions and sales. However, Sapa love market is completely different. Just once having the opportunity to come here, visitors will probably understand the interesting principles of this fair.

This place is for young men and women in the town to meet and exchange feelings with each other. Of course, it does not happen in a monotonous way like normal market shopping but there are cultural activities, exchanges bearing the identity of the ethnic people those are: tug of war, blowing khene leaves, love singing…. If the partner is not satisfied, he dances and blows the artful way around her. Boys emerge, girls fall in love. Then cling, then pull, and then bring each other out to the hill to confide in ... It is not surprising that after each market-day, Sapa's love will love couples.

Women wear red scarf and splendid embroidered costumes with silver rings, silver buttons, and small coins attached to their shoulders. Even more intriguing is the cheers with every step, from the lovely copper rattles attached to the headscarves. Their target groups are young Dao men dressed in Cham shirts, towels of the same color, watch hands, and shoulders with cassettes. In one corner, a dozen boys gathered around a girl, they brought their catssette closer to the girl to record love songs in ethnic languages. Seeing a stranger, the girl shyly bowed her head or covered her face with her hand, but still sang with a shaky tune. Any visitor joining Sapa tour cannot forget the interesting moment of Sapa love market.

After each market-day, the boys and girls will know each other's names. In the following market-days, they no longer have the same shyness as the first time but become close. That friendship can develop into a love between two people. Maybe it will be the love between that guy and the friend the girl will introduce to ... Just like that, so many couples have been married from the traditional market-day every week. For that reason, the market is called “Cho Tinh”.

Coming to Sapa love market, visitors will have many more interesting experiences such as participating in collective dance, cultural exchange, enjoying ethnic dances, ... You can also take commemorative photos with Traditional costumes are good with the people here. Besides the entertainment activities, there are also many souvenir items at the love market so that you can freely choose a few gifts for relatives, friends or as souvenirs for yourself. Bracelets, bags, purses ... all have very scary and eye-catching motifs that attract the attention of many people. They are mostly handcrafted capitals made by the people of Sapa, unique motifs, but the price is very cheap. Therefore, visitors are very impressed and want to own these souvenir items.

Sapa Love Market also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of specialties of Lao Cai, learn more about customs, habits and habits typical of the ethnic groups. Surely you will be very interested in new and unique things that only the love market can fully feel.

Many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to the boys' reputation in floods to the central area. The visitors here are not only young people, old people also want at least once to see what Sapa love market is interesting.


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