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NEW TOURISM AREA: RONG MAY GLASS BRIDGE06:24:34 | 22-07-2019 | Directory: News - Events

Rong May glass bridge Tourism Area is located on the top of O Quy Ho Pass (the territory of Lai Chau Province), 17km from Sapa town. It is officially go into operation from July 1, 2019.

The investment budget of over  1,000 billion VNĐ, this will be the destination associated with tours program in Sapa. With the aim of building an entertainment and entertainment resort combining eco-tourism and relaxation, combining with large-scale general sports, including main construction items such as hotels, elevator systems and glass bridge,  bungalows, swimming pools, thrilling games ...of the highest standards in the region as well as in the world. In particular, the most outstanding work is the outdoor elevator system with a height of 300m and glass bridge reaching out of the cliff 60m, height of 500m. This is a tourist destination not for people with weak heart and blood pressure

However, if you can overcome the fear to experience the feeling of "walking in the clouds" then surely, it will be a "trophy" for your life to tell your children later.

Fares apply from July 1, 2019 - December 21, 2019:

Glass elevator - glass bridge and ecological sightseeing products, mountain road: Adults: VND 400,000 (2 directions up and down); Children: 200,000 VND (2 directions up and down).

Up or down the mountain top according to ecological roads and mountain products: Adults: 200,000 VND (one way up or down elevator); Children: 100,000 VND (1 way up or down elevator).


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