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Northwest Cuisine Festival in Sapa07:27:21 | 06-09-2019 | Directory: News - Events

“Northwest Cuisine Festival in Sapa in 2019” is is an attractive event in the framework of Sapa Autumn festival, it have been organised from 10th  August to 10th September2019, Fansipan cable car station. The Northwest Cuisine Festival have introduced many special local food in the Northwest of Viet Nam.

“Northwest Cuisine Festival” in Sapa converges unique dishes of ethnic groups such as roasted pig, sticky rice with five colors, sausage, dry pork or buffalo, triumph, rice in the bamboo, rice wine, Corn wine ... Not only enjoy the  food, visitors will witness firsthand the process of creating a drink that captivates people and is sipping Ban Pho wine, Sim San wine ...

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The festival also attracts tourists by traditional cultural and cultural performances such as recreating Dao weddings and participating in traditional games of different minorities people in Sapa such as: walking on stilts, tug of war, push sticks, bounce, climb columns…


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