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Note: Traveling From Viet Nam to Laos via Tay Trang border gate08:15:26 | 13-01-2020 | Directory: News - Events

New regulations on visa application from Vietnam to Laos via Tay Trang border gate for international tourists

From 2019 and earlier, there were many international tourists traveling from Vietnam to Laos through Tay Trang border gate. And tourists can directly do visa at Tay Trang border gate. And now on many guide books as well as websites still publish that information. However, from January 1, 2020, the regulations have changed, and many travelers are still not update yet, so many visitors have to change their trip schedules. From the beginning of 2020, all international tourists who want to go to Laos via Tay Trang border gate must have visa available and can not go do directly at the border gates. You can easily go to the Laos embassy in Hanoi to get a Laos visa (takes about 1-2 hours). Besides, e-visa have not been implemented at Tay Trang border gate.
Here is some new notes for you if you want to travel from Vietnam to Laos by the Northwest route of Vietnam.
Have a nice trip.


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