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Program of Sapa Spring Festival 201906:31:37 | 22-07-2019 | Directory: News - Events

With the aim of strengthening cultural exchange activities, providing typical tourism products of Sa Pa ethnic groups, continuing to promote the potential of the National Tourism Area, Sa Pa District has issued the program detail of Spring Festival of 2019 with many new and exciting activities.


1. Organize the display of spring newspapers

- Content: Display, introduce and serve the Ky Hoi spring newspaper 2019, local Party newspapers, some local publications published in 2018 - 2019.

- Time: From 01/2/2019 - 10/2/2019.

- Location: District library

2. Flower and ornamental fairs

- From January 25 - February 4, 2019.

- Location: N1 Road, Sapa town

- Content: Displaying flowers and ornamental plants

3. The performances in celeberation of the New Year of the Ky Hoi Spring 2019

- Time: 19h00 to 20h30 on February 2, 2019

- Location: Sapa old bus station

- Welcome art, cultural performances to welcome the Party, salute the spring, praise the homeland and the country.

Photo: Thanh Tuan

4. Organize fireworks display

- Time: 20:30 on February 4, 2019

- Location: Mat Ngoc Lake

- Content: Low-altitude firework display (duration of 15 minutes on New Year's Eve of the Ky Hoi spring 2019)

5. Display photos

- Time: From 07/2/2019 to the end of 14/2/2019

- Location: Sapa centre square

- Content: Display 150 photos of award-winning photographers at the beautiful Sapa photo contest.

6. Organize the first group of tourists who visit Sapa

- Time: 9:00 am on January 1, 2019

- Location: At the yard of Fansipan cable car

- Content: Giving gifts to the first 30 tourists who visit Sapa National Tourist Area

7. Cultural and sports activities in the town center

• Friendly tennis to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam

- Time: 8:00 am on 08/2/2019

- Location: Tennis court in Sa Pa town

• Organizing traditional cultural, art and sports activities in the town

- Time: From 06/2/2019 to the end of 08/2/2019.

- Location: Sapa centre square

- Content: Performing traditional musical instruments, singing love songs, singing tubes, picking spring flowers, tug of war, pushing sticks, spinning, stilts, chess ...

8. Organizing the Sa Pa Flower Festival - The third contest of pen-pipe and Mong flute

- Content: Displaying Sa Pa flowers and ornamental plants; organizing folk games, dances, folk songs, dancing contest, Mong ethnic flute.

- Location: Cable car station

9. Fansipan Hao Khi martial arts competition

- Time: From February 7 to February 14, 2019

- Location: Cable car station

- Content: Performing traditional martial arts to exercise health, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life, restoring, preserving and promoting traditional martial arts.

Photo: collected

10. Ham Rong mountain eco-tourism area

- Time from February 7 to February 14, 2019

- Location: Ham Rong mountain eco-tourism area, Sapa town

- Content: Organizing cultural activities, arts and folk games, serving dishes with bold identity of upland ethnic groups.

11. Cat Cat tourist area

- Time from February 7 to February 14, 2019

- Location: Cat Cat tourist area

- Content: Organizing cultural activities, arts, folk games, craft performances ...


Photo: Thanh Tuan

12. Organizing the welcoming of spring and folklore festivals in villages

• The charming singing festival:

- 12/2/2019

- Location: Ta Phin commune

• Gau Tao Festival:

- February 16, 2019

- Location: San Sa Ho commune

• Cap Sac ceremony:

- February 17, 2019

- Location: Ban Khoang commune

• Xoe festival of the Tay:

- Time: February 13, 2019

- Location: Ban Ho Commune

• Down to the field festival

- Time: February 24, 2019

- Location: Ta Van commune

Translated by Tuong Nguyen

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