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Sapa Flower lamp Festival 201907:40:27 | 06-09-2019 | Directory: News - Events

Flower Lamp festival is held annually in Sa Pa town on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival (from the 13th to the 16th of August in lunar), it is organized by the People's Committee of Sapa town to honor the cultural values and attract domestic and foreign tourists to Sapa.

This year, the festival will be held on 14th September 2019 (it means 16th  August in lunar ). Coming to the Sa Pa to attend these activities  Flower Lamp Festival, visitors will be immersed with the jubilant atmosphere of the festival in the chilly weather of autumn, with hundreds of colorful lamp with different and beautiful shapes. Each flower lamp is an exquisite work of art with bold traditional culture of Vietnamese people in general and of ethnic minorities in Sapa in particular.



Photos by Thanh Tuan

Today, Sa Pa Flower Lamp Festival is expanding in scope and form with the participation  of schools,  residential groups and many tourism business in Sa Pa district. This meaningful cultural activity has increasingly received the participation of  numerous domestic and foreign tourists when choosing Sa Pa as the destination for their trip. Openning for this festival will be a wonderful traditional music performance, a unique combination of traditional cultural features of ethnic minorities in Sapa.

          Hundreds of unique artworks will be performed around Sa Pa town center until the end of the festival is the announcement and award for the best works of the festival. Along with the unique cultural and artistic performances bearing the traditional cultural identity of the ethnic minorities, has been and will increasingly attract cross-border tourists come to Sapa.


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