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Seng Cu rice – the Excellence of Sky and Land in Muong Vi village Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province06:57:36 | 22-07-2019 | Directory: News - Events

Lao Cai is not only attractive due to its beautiful and grandiose natural landscape but also due to the special flavor of its food and exotic gifts.

Photo of rice field

Mentioning about the specialties Lao Cai province, one would think of such products as: Sa Pa field mushroom, dried bamboo shoot, Muong Khuong chili source, kitchen-hammed buffalo meat, local produced sausage, Bac Ha wine made from corn, Nam Pung and Seng Cu wine, etc. However, one sweet and delicious specialty that is only available in Lao Cai province is Seng Cu rice (or the so-called Xen Cu rice). It is grown in the high, rocky valleys with tropical climate condition. In recent years, the growth of Seng Cu rice variety has been scaled up to many parts of the province. But the most suitable source of water and climate condition for growing this variety is only available in Muong Khuong district and Muong Vi commune, Bat Xat district. The rice here is famous for its good flavor, stickiness and deliciousness. Everyone who has tried this rice will wish to have another chance of having it again.

Photo of Seng Cu rice

Due to natural conditions and farming practices of ethnic people in Lao Cai province, Seng Cu rice is believed to be especially safe (local people do not use any pesticide during rice cultivation process). The special soil condition here helps to produce a farm product which has a high vitamin content (vitamin content of Seng Cu rice is 4 times higher than in other types of rice), thereby providing good nutrients and healthy. Standard Seng Cu rice must have opaque look, bran powder and round shape. After cooking, it becomes flexibly soft but dry and very delicious. Having it purely with some sesame and salt mix already makes it a good dish.

At present, Seng Cu rice has gained its position and become a branded and commercial product in Lao Cai province. A tip for you, the best place to buy Seng Cu rice is Tieng Phong cooperative in Muong Vi. Here you will find such products as white rice, husked rice, bran and Seng Cu wine. All are properly labeled and safe for end users.

Hope that the above information will be helpful to tourists in selecting the right specialties in Lao Cai province as meaningful for your relatives and friends.

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