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The 3rd Rhododendron festival 2019 in Sa Pa00:10:38 | 10-04-2019 | Directory: News - Events

          This year, the 3rd Rhododendron Festival is held from March 23 to May 5 promises to bring interesting experiences to visitors in all around the world.

Coming to the 3rd Azaleas Festival this year, visitors will admire the large-scale fresh flower exhibition, displaying thousands of flower plants everywhere in the tourist area, in which flowers are the main. Rhododendron with flower paths, colorful azalea gates, exhibits a photo exhibition of rare and precious azaleas in Hoang Lien mountain, more than 40 species of endemic azaleas of Sapa with many colors like : red, white, pink, yellow, purple ... make visitors very excited and overwhelmed by the many kink and many colors of rhododendrons. Stepping into the campus of the cable car station, fresh rhododendron roots brighten up the space.

       Impressively designed as giant pen-pipe of H'mong ethnic.  Photo by Thanh Tuan

Activities during Rhododendron festiva. Photo by Thanh Tuan

Rhododendron festival opening ceremony have just held in the morning of 23rd, march at Cable car station. With the participation of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists, the opening ceremony was opened by many traditional music performances and many different unique activities.

Rhododendron flowerPhoto by Thanh Tuan 


          From the center of the town, you can take the Muong Hoa train to go to the Cable car station to see colorful rhododendron. If you can continue your trip with the experience in the cabin of cable car, you will have chance to see more Rhododendron in Hoang Lien mountain. It will be an unforgetable memory in Sa Pa.


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